Electric Attitude

Electric Attitude

 Houston, Texas, USA

"Funky dance-rock with crispy horns..."


Electric Attitude - Funky Dance-Rock with Crispy Horns

With influences that range from the late 70's disco-funk of Prelude Records to the modern dance-rock of the DFA label, Houston's Electric Attitude has sculpted a sound that ignites dance-parties in front of (and sometimes on) every stage they hit. As Jeremy Hart of Space City Rock says, "EA is a tight, dirty, raw-yet-shiny funk-rock explosion that hits everybody from old-school touchstones like James Brown, P-Funk, and The Bar-Kays to Franz Ferdinand, The Rapture, and Cold War Kids." 

Electric Attitude's dedication to the groove has led to three Houston Press Music Awards for "Best Soul/Funk/R&B" (2011-2013), and landed the band supporting slots for such incredible acts as Lee Fields & the Expressions, Dam Funk, and Bonobo. With the release of their latest LP 
Skintight & Solid Gold to a sold-out room at the House of Blues (and its inclusion on multiple 2013 year-end lists for Best Houston Releases), Electric Attitude has been hitting the road in hopes of painting each town solid gold at every stop. Make sure to check out EA's 2014 tour dates, and get in on one of the best parties H-Town has to offer. 

"Electric Attitude's Skintight & Solid Gold is an album-length funk jam filled with innuendo, horns and a whole lot of low-end thunder...each song has such unstoppable momentum the succession of tracks feels like a non-stop dance party." JACK DANIEL BETZ - FREE PRESS HOUSTON

"Houston funk rockers Electric Attitude serve up brash and boisterous dance floor smokers that sizzle with an unholy marriage of disco and soul." DEBORAH SENGUPTA STITH - AUSTIN360.COM     


No One Else

Written By: Electric Attitude

(Verse 1)
I heard the rumors, baby
That you been left for dead
But I know you’re still here cuz
Nobody took your head
And I been travelling round, child
Following the tears I find
For every step I take my
Heart beats a thousand times
Where did you go
Cuz there’s no one else
(I said I’m coming to get ya)
You’re the only one I need
(I’m tired of playing these games)
No there’s no one else
(I said I’m coming to get ya)
You’ll never be dead to me
(Verse 2)
Now I found you, baby
Your eyes are caving in
There’s a big black hole, yeah
Where your heart used to be
But don’t you worry, baby
I can ease your troubled mind
I will be with you now
Until the end of time
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)


Written By: Electric Attitude

(Verse 1)
And there’s a fire in my heart
That burns its way to my stride
I’m let loose on this town
Like a fire in the night
And you better watch out
I’m coming to your town
Feel the earth quake
As my strut shakes the ground
Now it’s too late
You can’t change my mind
Oh oh, you know it’s too late
You can’t change my mind
(Verse 2)
And now it’s nothing you want
Everything that you need
I know that I’ve done
Some terrible things
I’m a shadow in the night
A flood of fiery rain
People running in fear
From the sound of my name
Now it’s too late
You can’t change my mind
Oh oh, you know it’s too late
You can’t change my mind
Yeah, you know it’s too late
You can’t change my mind
Oh oh, you know it’s too late
You can’t break my stride
You better stop me now before
I cross that great divide
Pull out your guns and all your knives
You won’t take me alive
You got me where you want me now
So don’t you hesitate
You better kill me now before
It’s too late
You better stop me now
You better stop me in my tracks
Cause if you don’t, baby
You got nothing on me
You better watch out
I’m coming to your town
The way I strut could bring your buildings down
Cannot stop me now pull out your armor and blades
Cause if you don’t, baby, you got nothing
You can’t stop me
(Chorus 2x)


Electric Attitude - "Skintight & Solid Gold" LP (Release Date: July 27, 2013)

1. No One Else
2. Trouble
3. Godzilla
4. Nightlife
5. Planet X (Interlude)
6. Don't Walk Away
7. Hit & Run
8. Scarlet Harlot (Interlude)
9. Manic
10. Fierce
11. On My Mind

Electric Attitude - "Laser Laser Laser Beams" EP (Release Date: May 29, 2009)

1. Ways & Means
2. Shot on the Dance Floor
3. City's Gonna Get You, Sucka!
4. Pistolwhip
5. Hooker Red Lipstick
6. Robot Girl

Electric Attitude - Demo (2008)

1. Honey
2. Shot on the Dance Floor
3. Party
4. Rainbow Jackson
5. Fever

"Godzilla" 90.1 KPFT
"No One Else" 90.1 KPFT
"Nightlife" 90.1 KPFT
"City's Gonna Get You, Sucka!" 91.7 KTRU
"Pistolwhip" 91.7 KTRU
"Ways & Means" 91.7 KTRU
"Robot Girl" 91.7 KTRU
"Shot On The Dance Floor" - 91.7 KTRU, 90.1 KPFT
"Rainbow Jackson" - 91.7 KTRU, 101.1 KSFR

Set List

SETLIST (1 hour set)

The Way You Move
Don't Walk Away
Boat Shack
No One Else
On My Mind
Take Some Time