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Electric Chameleon

Roanoke, Virginia, United States | INDIE

Roanoke, Virginia, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""Dreamin' On" Album Review"

"Local, reggae/rock outfit Electric Chameleon is geared to ransack Martin's downtown in support of their freshman full length album, Dreamin' On. The Coals Records release is a determined 13-studio track display of the quartet's maturing song writing and refined arrangement prowess, tastefully peppered with keyboard and horn accents throughout. Fine raga rhythms are explored early on the title track and the funky, You Nailed Me. Mid-record the Chameleon seems to change color; shifting from the anthemic You Are Here into the pounding, gritty turbulence of I'm Sorry Babe. Delilah broadens the color gamut mixing dark, moody soundscapes with tight time transitions. The band seems to vibrate over the latter half of the record climaxing on the epic finale, Shell. Dreamin' ..s a multi-faceted picture of a colorfully adaptive reptile with clearly defined expectations of its sound and image.
- Brian Zickafoose for Venue Magazine

"Dreamin' On voted best album of 2008"

Electric Chameleon's album "Dreamin' On" voted best album of 2008 by the Roanoke Times Music Poll in the local scene. - The Roanoke Times

"Electric Chameleon's lead singer Mohamed Bhana voted best male vocalist"

Electric Chameleon's lead singer Mohamed Bhana voted best Male vocalist in The Roanoke Times 2008 Music Poll's Local Scene. - The Roanoke Times

"Album Launch for "Dreamin' On" voted best Concert in 08!"

Electric Chameleon won the best concert category, for its much-hyped and super-fancy CD release party Oct. 4 at Martin’s Downtown Bar & Grill. - The Roanoke Times

"Runner up in best band category losing by one vote!"

Electric Chameleon comes up one vote short in the best band category in The Roanoke Times 08 Music Poll. - The Roanoke Times

"Review From Phantom Critic"

Electric Chameleon is a rare animal indeed. The funky rhythm section is so tight that it belongs in a jam band, while its nastier blues-rock riffs suggest a heavier genre. The smooth, smoky vocals play as though over nu-jazz, yet swing with a polish of pop. It’s hard to imagine it could mix so much together and still find an identity, yet the music is so filled with catchy hooks and original energy that it shines making Electric Chameleon a young band to be on the look out for. - The Roanoke Times

"One of the Most Promising Acts!"

"Electric Chameleon is one of the most promising young acts on the Roanoke music scene. They are one of Martin’s favorite and most consistent acts. Great song selection and vibe every time!"

- Jason Martin
Martin’s Downtown
- Jason Martin (Owner- Martin's Downtown Bar & Grill)


To date Electric Chameleon has released two EPs. In March of 2006 they released their first "Dimensions" which featured the song "Delilah" that was showcased by garageband.com as "Track of the Day" on July 15, 2006. Electric Chameleon's follow up EP introduced listeners to "Where I Lay", which quickly displayed how much the band had grown from their first EP. "Where I Lay" was embraced by the Roanoke music scene and led to Electric Chameleon being chosen and recognized as Winner's of 96.3 WROV's 2007 Battle of the Bands. Currently getting airplay on WROV's Homegrown Show.

October 4th, Electric Chameleon will release there debut album "Dreamin' On." This is there first full length album that shows off there talent through composition, production, and marketing.



Long-time friends Joey and Scott began playing music together at the beginning of high school. Right in their "backyard," was Mason, a phenomenal drummer and musical genius. A continent away, a kindred spirit was creating and playing music, laying the foundation for what he knew was his destiny... this was front-man, Mohamed Bhana.

Although Mason attended the same high school with Joey and Scott, their paths rarely crossed until a trip to the beach. At this post-graduation extravaganza, the three discussed the meaning of life and music; afterwards, they became close friends and started "jamming" together.

Mohamed, a prolific song-writer, moved from Africa to New York in 2001. There, he wrote and recorded his first album "Book One." The album was only an image that was blurry until in the hands of Electric Chameleon.

The inevitable connection was made complete when Mohamed moved to Virginia. There, Joey and Mohamed, working at the same restaurant, discovered their similarities; their love of music and their desire to create and enjoy original music in a successful band. The four friends began practicing together on a regular basis in Mason's basement, built on each others talents and abilities, Electric Chameleon was born. Two months later in Flat Five Studios they recorded their first EP "Dimensions."

Upon their recording debut, E.C. was able to build a loyal fan-base at local surrounding venues and strived to play as much as possible. Growing and ever-changing, continuing to break their boundaries, the band was eager to record again. The following year, they entered Southwest Studios and started to work on there follow up EP. It features "Where I Lay," which is the first place winner for WROV"s Battle of the Bands which is Southwest Virginia's premier rock radio station. October 4th, Electric Chameleon will release there debut album "Dreamin' On." This is there first full length album that shows off there talent through composition, production, and marketing.

Today, the band is continuing to grow and to diversify. Their goals are to continue spreading there fan base, find a reliable booking agent, begin touring the country, and to market themselves wisely.