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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Electric Chariot"

Electric Chariot is a band that shows us not only hip-hop comes out of Brooklyn, New York City. This alternative rock band has a lead girl front vocalist with a great backing band to create a sound similar to that of 90s rock bands Garbage or Hole. However they add synths and other original instrumentals to make their sound unique and memorable. - Ben Meredith (Urb Magazine) - Urb Magazine


"Mix together some electronic beats and a sultry chanteuse,
and what do you get? Cutting-edge Electric Chariot" - ACIDplanet.com

"Signs Of Greatness"

"Fusing electronic synths,live drums,soaring ethereal vocals
and heavy exciting beats...Electric Chariot is dark,fun,danceable,
intricate and edgy. Like riding a car with Portishead while
Harry Gregson Williams hangs from the car door with Trent Reznor
sipping coffee at the near by bus stop,EC's 'Signs And Illusions' is
an exceptional debut album." - Dave Lahara (Shekynah)

"swing low, sweet chariot"

New York…how much do I love thee. Allow me to count the ways. Too many talented bands to count all climbing over themselves to drink from the fountain of success. It’s poetry in motion. I’ve got a bit of a treat for you Suede-heads! You know how much I love you all. Today I’ve got a new brand new track for you hot off the presses from yet another collective that deserve your attention and your hard earned dollar. Their name is Electric Chariot and they are a pretty spiffy electronic rock band from Brooklyn AND the Bronx. Yes, they are from the Boogie-Down and Crooklyn so you know they’re hardcore.

Led by the original duo of singer, Victoria Schwartz and producer/synth guru, Dennis Natal, EC are preparing to unleash the bumrush this spring with a new record which will be the follow-up to last year’s I-Tunes only release, Signs And Illusions. The band was so nice to take the time out of thei busy schedule and send me a track which could very well end up on the new record. Nothing Matters is a scintillating groove attack that burns slow. With a sultry and inviting lead vocal riding shotgun with the jagged guitars, this sure sounds like a winner to me! This is a band to keep an eye on, ladies and gentlemen so lend them your ears. Once you do that, go on and check them out on MySpace and tell them I sent you! - Billy Suede@wordpress


Signs And Illusions ( LP 2008 )

Untitled ( LP 2009 ) : In production :



It's not often that you see synth's and distorted guitar sharing the stage and doing it so well, yet NYC based electronic duo turned five piece electronic/alternative/rock band, pulls it off with slick ease. EC hit the music scene in 2007, with their massive beats, electronic drive and atmospheric undertones. Attach a sexy chantreuse’s sultry vocals to the infectiously catchy melodies and lyrics, and you have a group that clearly stands out.

Their wide range of musical influences and inspiration has defined and discerned their sound into an almost haunting yet rebellious and energetic soundscape. Often compared to influential trip hop masters Portishead, the group draws inspirational aura from acts such as Depeche Mode, NIN, Alice in Chains, Jefferson Airplane, and anything worth a bop of their musically infested heads.They continue to draw attention for their strong , slightly dark material, and blur the lines between genres of Electronica, Alternative, Experimental and Pop Rock. Nonetheless, a definitive, consistently interesting, EC sound outlines their songs and every aspect of production and performance.

Seemingly driven by some unseen force, they are back in the studio and at the drawing board, with new inspiration, ideas, to evolve their sound and take their growing fan base along for the ride in 2009. Crowd control needed.