Electric Children (MPLS)

Electric Children (MPLS)

 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Electric Children (MPLS) is a perfect example of the combination of Minneapolis' musical history and its future. The members take lesson from the city's hip hop pioneers, classical training, jazz, jam music, and classic rock, but the sound is anything but pretentious. Come ride the flow with EC.


Formed as a hip-hop/jazz collective in 2009, the five-piece Electric Children embraced a style of music rooted in collaborative improvisation and composition. They grew through the house party and bar scene throughout the summer of 2011. Along the way, Electric Children recorded and performed with Minneapolis rap duo Duenday numerous times. Together, they won the University of Minnesota’s Spring Jam battle of the bands and earned an opening spot for OK GO!’s feature performance. In February 2012, Electric Children held a weekly residency at Honey, during which they performed with The Level Heads, The Running Riot, and William Within. To promote the event, Radio K brought Electric Children in to perform in their live studio and hosted a live-broadcast interview. They have performed in venues from the Amsterdam in St. Paul to the Fine Line and Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis, and they recently finished a five-month residency called Electric Relaxation at the Acadia café. For them, the name pays homage to one of their favorite A Tribe Called Quest songs and to the freer and jazzier side of their music. Electric Children's most recent tour included stops in Iowa City, Iowa, Bloomington, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois.
Electric Children’s first recorded release, 2011’s Get You Loose Demo, is available for streaming at www.soundcloud.com/electricchildren-1. Their debut release, Ride the Flow, is available for streaming and purchase at http://electricchildrenmpls.bandcamp.com.


Get You Loose [Demo] - June 22, 2011
Ride the Flow EP - August 21, 2012

"Sirens" and "Release Me" from Ride the flow are in current rotation at Radio K, the University of Minnesota's renown college radio station, and live recordings of those tracks plus "So the Say" and "Vibin'" are also available at www.radiok.org.

Set List

Original Tunes
-Get You Loose
-2/3 of a Cigarette
-Let it Go
-Lights in Bloom
-Soul on Fire
-So They Say
-Mr. Right
-Release Me
-City of Sound

-The Roots: You Got Me
-The Roots/John Legend: Hard Times
-Lauryn Hill (Roberta Flack): Killing Me Softly
-Lou Reed: Walk on the Wild Side
-Marvin Gaye: Inner City Blues
-Tom Petty: Beak Down
-The Meters: Cissy Strut
-Blackalicious: World of Vibrations
-Blackalicious: If I May
-Jack Johnson: Monsoon
-Joe Cocker: Feelin' Alright