"..full-fevered wailing over breakbeats to create a sound that would make as much sense at a rave as at a church." Michael Corcoran Austin American-Statesman Sept. 20, 2003


"..basically, uplifting music with a positive message.

I guess its a unique blend. Live gospel remixes, Hindu melodies, live musicianship - which, includes turntablism and electronic music production - all driven by the tradition of spirit and live remix energy. The first year we performed at ACL Fest in Austin texas was, magical. The audience and festival organizers were very kind, and excited to see what I only dreamed would occur. Bringing varying cultures together through music and, acceptance was only one of the things that was achieved. The proceeds earned at events we play go to the wonderful places of worship we all represent. The site will have download stores that will maintain basic hosting fees and also feed the need to fund each place of worship. These folks are family to me. They believe in more than just one type religion, share talents that come from deep within, and are totally what makes it worth the expenses of a production like this."

Erick Tatuaca
Band Rep & Conceptualizer- eLectric_chUrch


coming soon

Set List

55 min to 1 hour festival sets only

continuous stream of music, and visuals