Electric Crowd Control

Electric Crowd Control

 Orchard Park, New York, USA

Mixing elements of experimental jazz and alternative rock with tight grooves and catchy melodies, Electric Crowd Control produces a unique sound not found anywhere else.


In the fall of 2006, Jeremy, Jack, Kevin, and Brian started playing together to form what would soon become Electric Crowd Control. They quickly established their own distinct sound by combining the styles of their biggest influences from genres aplenty. Aside from the music, a certain bond between the four was the telltale sign that they were destined for a promising future. Emerging as young artists into the music scene of Buffalo, New York, they defined themselves by their eclectic repertoire of musical styles and innovative compositions. After recording and releasing a demo EP, a trial-run of sorts for their first record, ECC found their gigs at smaller bars and clubs turning into more significant events at venues such as the Town Ballroom.

The band has since been continually developing their sound and plans to continue to do so, one of the defining characteristics that keeps their listeners riveted. The quartet's debut album "Easy to Squeeze", to be released in late Spring 2010, is a testament to their versatility, infused with tight grooves, fluid melodies, and experimental improvisations. Their ability to link the avant-garde with the accessible is the trait that sets them apart from the rest. In the midst of an uncertain future for the direction of music, Electric Crowd Control continues to show their interest in the evolution of all genres of music, wherever it may take them.


In the fall of 2009, ECC put the finishing touches on the release of their first full length album, Easy to Squeeze, being released in Spring of 2010.

Set List

The band has had extensive three-hour sets, as well as short sets of 30-45 minutes. A set list will depend on the venue, and will include originals and most likely covers of our favorite artists and major influences.