Electric Diamond

Electric Diamond

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Symphonic orchestra music on new instruments with sensitivity and style, improvisation with progressive rock power reinvents classical music.


New Electronic Classical Music: Blending The Best Of The Old With The Best Of What's New. Electric Diamond appeals to progressive rock fans (they do Mussorgsky's "Pictures At An Exhibition") as well as New Agers and Futurists/Technologists.

"... one of the genre's major talents..." Rolling Stone Magazine

"Electric Diamond is a step beyond... A window into the future of music." 20th Century Music Magazine

"Music Tolkien might have written if he'd used a piano instead of a pen" The Christian Science Monitor

ELECTRIC DIAMOND is a unique one of a kind ensemble, dedicated to presenting live electronic classical music concerts. ELECTRIC DIAMOND revolutionizes the classical music concert scene with exciting new contemporary sounds that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. ELECTRIC DIAMOND's repertoire covers the entire spectrum of classical music, from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary. It uses the latest breakthroughs in music technology to present performances that are true to the expressive intent of the composers, while coloring the music in exciting new sounds. ELECTRIC DIAMOND's performances are truly "live", without the use of any computer sequencing or multi tracking techniques. The results are performances of immediacy, power and authentic feeling.

ELECTRIC DIAMOND's music appeals to a tremendous range of audiences, receiving standing ovations at such venues as New York City's Steinway Hall, the Academy of the Arts in Philadelphia, M.I.T. in Boston and New York's Federal Hall, as well as the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center. ELECTRIC DIAMOND has made frequent appearances on nationally broadcast radio shows, including John Schaefer's New Sounds series on NPR and Robert Sherman's Listening Room.


"Electric Diamond" CD

Set List

Electric Diamond is flexible in presentation - we have done 15 minute radio spots as well as 2 hour full concerts and everything in between.

We are currently touring with a show based on Mussorgsky's "Pictures At An Exhibition" - with a week of performances booked in Singapore.

The music of ELECTRIC DIAMOND includes works by J.S. Bach, Benedetto Marcello, Antonio Vivaldi, Muzio Clementi, G.F. Handel and Modest Mussorgsky. The ensemble performs a range of new music. Besides their own evocative original scores, ELECTRIC DIAMOND plays music based on innovative sources, including the royal courts of medieval Europe and the melodies of Native American Indians.