Electric Electric

Electric Electric


http://www.myspace.com/electricelectricband A mix of Noise-rock and dance, with totally explosive performances on stage.


Electric Electric, a hyperactive two-piece band from Strasbourg, lures
us into some spastic dancing with their new type of instrumental music,
based on a minimalistic, mechanical and apocalyptic rock. Now
complete with a third musician on stage, they create multiple rhythmic
and noise-flled loops that utterly electrify the venues they perform in.
The audience leaves their show confused and amused by their
experimental musical intentions, which take apart piece by piece every
elements of a huge rock puzzle in order to better build its future
Electric Electric formed in 2004, heavily infuenced by the sounds of the
Skingraft label and bands that combine noise-rock and explosive
performances on stage. With these foundations, Electric Electric has
refned an aesthetic sense of repetition, minimalism, and most of all,
dance music. In the midst of their songs, the band also gives off an
atmosphere of melancholy and sickness (epilepsy, claustrophobia).
Some would say their music fts right between Donna Summer and


LP : "Sad Cities Handclappers" - Herzfeld