Electric Finger

Electric Finger


We don't like to classify our sound because we don't seek to emlulate any particular genre. We play what we like. In our reticence to be classified, we are philosophically similar to 90's alternative with a with a heavy taste for good classic rock.


We are a newly formed trio from the belly of the America. We are an odd, quirky little blend of sensibilities. The
drummer is the bastard spawn of Keith Moon and Mitch Mitchell with a taste for bands like Converge & Charles Bronson, and who has been slogging it out on the hardcore scene and just wants to come home to John Henry Bonham. He is a solid player with a flair for bombast and vivid expressiveness. He's also real darn cute. The guitarist is a frustrated old man who has played in bands that went nowhere and wrote songs which no one heard, but somehow won't GIVE UP. He is a mediocre guitar slinger with more of a bassist's sensibility who writes the majority of the songs, and then the band hashes them out in each, their own inimitable way. The bassist is the youngest of this beat combo, having recently come on board to replace two other previous players, Jed switched from the skinny six to the fatty four for the fuck of it. Being the confirmed Zen fool he is, he is either the puppet master or just a dirty sock with glued-on googly eyes. He is the quiet man. But when he starts stroking his electric neck, magic starts to sizzle n smoke in mid air.

Our influences range directly from (mama) Minutemen and (daddy) The Who. Our other great loves span from the proto-typical garage punk of the Stooges, MC5, & NY Dolls or the literate intimacy of VU, to the Glam Gods, Bolan, Bowie, Reed, Ferry and Eno. We dig the Pixies, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Hendrix, Zappa, Buddy Guy, Coltrane, Zeppelin, Mingus, Neil Young, Cake, Ween, Sonic Youth, Jane's Addiction, Guided By Voices, Black Flag, Buzzcocks, The Clash, Big Star, Replacements, Mott The Hoople, Otis Redding, REM, Dylan, P Funk, The Faces, Pink Floyd, Sly, Kinks, Stones and on and on. Where do they stop and we start? Right there at our first note. The first thump of the tom or crack of the snare. We've come to play. We won't let you down. Promise.

Set List

1. Green Apartment
2. Be Like You
3. Life without Dreams
4. Sad Boy
5. Whirlybirds
6. Maven
7. Girlfriend
8. I Said Jesus
9. New York Freaks
10. For Myself
11. Band Room
12. Miracle Mile

It Ain't Me Babe
Ziggy Stardust
Sweet Jane