Electric Graffiti

Electric Graffiti

 Rochester, Michigan, USA

All Girl Teen Band that rocks out! Loud, energetic, entertaining and fun. Great Alt Rock for all ages. Well, maybe MOST ages.


Cathy White

Since forming in 2010, Rochester, Michigan’s all-girl teen band, Electric Graffiti has quickly become one of the most exciting bands on the Detroit music scene. The band began earning accolades for its alternative rock/punk sound and just finished recording their first EP entitled “Kicked Off the Bus” with famed producer Eric Hoegemeyer at Rustbelt Studios.

The girls in Electric Graffiti have been friends since they were just three years old and the band formed on a wish of performing at their middle schools sixth grade talent show. After that gig, they started getting more serious about their musical craft. Each band member began taking private lessons and honing their skills. They found themselves in new territory after a rave performance at the DIY Festival in Ferndale, MI last September. The shows organizers, Chris Johnston and Emily Husband, both said the eighth-grade all-girl band was the high point of the 50+ band music festival. "That was the highlight for me, it was really special to see them up there," Johnston said. "And they were good!” Mr. Hoegemeyer was also in the audience that day. He decided, then and there, that the band would become his “new project”. They recorded in late December 2011 and finished earlier this year at his legendary studio in Royal Oak, MI.

Even at their young ages (14), the girls have long musical roots. Brooklynn White has a famed uncle who is a platinum award winning songwriter/DJ. Cecile Herledan has family that were signed to Capital Records and an uncle who is a professional musician and works at a record company. The band also has a strong international flair with Cecile Herledan’s father from France, Rachi Willard’s mother from Italy, and Brooklynn White’s mother from Alberta, Canada.

Their new EP contains their first original, “All My Girls”. The song was guided by Dennis White (Brooklynn’s uncle) and each girl wrote their own personal verse. The guitar solo and harmonizing vocals were added later and make this song so memorable that it sticks with you the rest of the day. The second song, “Sweet Revenge”, is much more garage-y with a bit more of a rock out factor. The lyrics are perfect for anyone who has felt the need for just a little bit of sarcasm, especially the line “You want me back? Please”. The newest song, “Nightmare Lullaby” was written just days before the girls entered the studio. The song highlights how far the band has come with their songwriting abilities and features a killer riff and great drum solo (not to mention four part harmonies).

With the recording of their EP “Kicked off the Bus” behind them, the band have now set their sights on lining up more local shows and continueing to book larger gigs as an opening act or headlining band. They will continue to write originals, keep pushing musical boundaries by growing as musicians and perhaps give other young girls hope that they, too, can rock out.



All My Girls

Written By: Electric Graffiti

All My Girls by Electric Graffiti

Stage Lights, Late Nights
C'mon and whip your hair
Peace, Love, Rock'n'Roll
Join us if you dare
Black, white, any race - we don't even care
Electric Graffiti, you'll hear us on the air!
Just sing it loud with me (X2)

We get crazy
Livin' large
Like Jay-Z
This is who we are
We're gonna rock this
All around the world
Take a trip, on a ship
Be with all my girls

Red Wings, guitar strings
This is how I roll
Soccer balls, school halls
They all can take their toll
All these things can bring you down
But music's in my soul
Before I go crazy, I just gotta rock'n'roll
Just sing it loud with me (X2)

Red streaks, crazy beats
I'm rockin' right back here
Poudin' loud, hear the crowd as they begin to cheer
Static Revenger, he don't show no fear
Lives in L.A., but we wish that he were here
Just sing it loud with me (x2)

Downtown, records ?round
This is what we do
Yellow cars, yellow stars
Let's hear something new
School's out, scream and shout
Hear the bell ring
Rock, rock, rock'n'roll
Hear the crowd sing
Just sing it loud with me (x2)

Sweet Revenge

Written By: Electric Graffiti

Sweet Revenge by Electric Graffiti

How could I fall for a person like you?
You lied, I cried, you were never true
I've done all that I could ever do
So now I've had it, we're through

I don't care what you say
No, I don't care about you anyway
I don't care what you say
Now I'm gonna make you regret that day!

The taste of revenge
So sweet on my tongue
The things you did
Cannot be undone
The taste of revenge
Begins the end
I hope you get the message I send

You left me out all alone in the cold
I don't want to believe the stories you told
The games that you played are getting too old
It's my whole life that you controlled

I don't care what you say
No, I don't care about you anyway
I don't care what you say
Now I'm gonna make you regret that day!


So now you're on your knees
Begging for me
There are no apologizes
You want me back


Nightmare Lullaby

Written By: Electric Graffiti

Nightmare Lullaby by Electric Graffiti

Twinkle, twinkle little star
Someone needs to tell me why my dreams are so bizarre
Up above the world so high
Looking down upon myself, asking myself why
Hush now baby, don’t say a word
Crying out won’t help you, you’re not being heard
If I die before I wake
Take me from this awful place, it’s been a huge mistake

Wake me from this nightmare
There’s something I can’t find
It’s hidden in the corners
Of the round room in my mind
Wake me from this nightmare
I’m feeling like I’m blind
I’ve been stuck in this place way too long
I’m running out of time

I’m lost and hopeless, feeling trapped
The room is spinning round and round, I can’t find my way back
I’m running out of oxygen, this place is coming down
I feel like I’m imprisoned, but I'm desperate to be found


Wake up.


"Kicked Off the Bus" EP 2012
-All My Girls (Single)
-Sweet Revenge (Single)
-Nightmare Lullaby (Single)

Set List

Currently Playing This 35 Minute Set (can be adjusted +/-)

Tick Tick Boom - The Hives
All My Girls - Electric Graffiti
Seven Nation Army - White Stripes
Ride - Vines
Sweet Revenge - Electric Graffiti
Welcome to Paradise - Green Day
Daughters of Darkness - Halestorm
Ghosttown - Shiny Toy Guns
Get it Daddy - Sleeper Agent
Nightmare Lullaby - Electric Graffiti