Electric Heat

Electric Heat


Electric Heat is a band that plays classic rock covers. Our main influences include: The Who,Led Zeppelin,The Beatles,Kiss,Guns N' Roses,Van Halen, Def Leppard and many more like em'. We are all about giving a great show too!


Electric Heat was originally formed in the summer of 2006 under the name Function of a Cow by current members John, Jordan, and Andy. Alex joined Function of a Cow in February of 2007.
The band shortly after changed their name to Firecraker Brainchild and second lead guitarist Russell joined the band. The band hosted a concert at the Buffalo Ruritan club in October 2007. Lately, the band has undergone another name change, to Electric Heat, and has been much more active with two shows at Blountville Middle School and the Blountville Firehall.The band performs covers of classic rock and some hard rock songs, along with originals too. The Main influences of Electric Heat include the following: The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Kiss, Guns N' Roses, Pink Floyd, and many more classic rock artists.


We have not recorded any music at this time.

Set List

1.Won't Get Fooled Again
2.Bringin on the Heartbreak
3.Civil War
4.Rock n Roll All Nite
5.Whole Lotta Love
6.Do Ya
7.Never Been Any Reason
9.Black Dog
11.Rock of Ages