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"Weenie Stand Review of Stranded EP"

Electricians are 3 fine lads who write some of the catchiest stuff I've ever heard. These songs come flying at you, straight outa the 90's, aimed directly at your heart strings. It's hard not to love these guys.

Lyrically I'd say they (these songs) range from euphoric, to bitter-sweet to suicidal (but not really!), which might be hard to notice due to the up-beat tunesmithery going on here. But eventually you'll start to pick out some of the lyrics. Because? Well because you'll inevitably want to sing along. And once you realize what it is you're singing, then you'll want to give Mike Parish a great big ol' hug and say, "Cheer up, guy! All right? Here, take some of my candy. I don't want it. Seriously, it's yours. Go to town!!!"

By the way, yes these guys write really good/catchy songs, and yes they should be earning millions of dollars in their sleep, but guess what? Their drummer is fuckin' intense, man [or girl, or horse, or stamp]. Drew plays drums like nobody's business. His kind of precision is pretty rare outside of math rock, prog and death metal. So: enjoy it. It is a treat.

Oh damn, I almost forgot to mention Brian, their new bassist, who really sounds like he's finding his place in the band's sound. Really, every time I see them, he's doing something a little different, a little better, and it helps keep the shows interesting for me, a guy who's at just about every show. Plus, Brian is not Klaus. This is a great thing! They can actually play shows with bass now!

So if you ever find yourself in the New York area—or if you're like me and you begrudgingly find yourself in the New York area every time you wake up in the morning—I'd recommend checking these guys out live. I'd probably call you stupid, in fact, if you didn't. Unless you just don't like well-written songs... or if your favorite band is Carcass... Then I'd understand.
- weeniestand.blogspot.com

"10 Listens Review of Stranded EP"

The Stranded EP is a 10-minute exploration of simplicity. Though the listener could decide to write Electricians off as sad-sackery or, even worse, dismiss the non-polished sound as demo-tape or second-rate, but Electricians have put together a worthy set of songs. Let’s start with what this EP is, though, before we jump into what it isn’t. It’s tight. It’s well-constructed. It’s purposeful nonchalance and that is the staple of their mood.

Their ambiance is the ambivalence to normal constraints. Consider the lyrics and the effortless effrontery of “Sometimes:” I thought I knew the answer/ and I thought the answer was me. Later: “If you want to be so different/ I won’t stand in your way.” Or in the equally intriguing Cemetery Talk: “You’re exactly what I wanted avoid.” Or, in the defining and opening “Stranded,” My heart is just another song/ for you to pass your judgement on…” “That’s alright with me./ I knew I’d be stranded with nowhere to be.” It’s easier to talk about their influences here, but it’s more gratifying to notice the subtle grandeur. Over easygoing rambles, like awkward gaits of those newly confident for all the right reasons, they deliver fantastic lyrics. They meet unfounded expectations. Most of all, they deliver more than most bands with twice the production.

Not to say the production isn’t an issue. The splashy cymbals and loud, jangly guitars (most overdone in closer “Adieu, Adieu”) would get annoying if not for the brevity of Stranded. However, analyzing a startup band for not having terrific production does not interest me. I’d rather analyze the potential of an up-and-comer than nitpick their tinniness.

And the potential is high: the songwriting is there, and the production will come. In an era of manic loudness or fly-by-night trendiness, a solid indy-pop band is always welcome. Especially one that gives their EP away. Aggressiveness may not be their strong point in the music, but they certainly seem aggressive about getting their music to the world. Not bad for exploring the seemingly mundane? Nah, to hell with all that. It’s just good. - 10listens.com


Stranded EP - 2010 (Free download at last.fm and electricians.bandcamp.com)



ELECTRICIANS is a band based in Whitestone, NY. Members consist of Brian H. Lee (Bass, Vocals), Drew Melkun (Drums, Vocals), and Mike Parish (Guitar, Vocals). Klaus Coolidge (Bass), now solely aids in recording, though it is believed he partakes in songwriting duties from time to time.

The “Stranded EP” (2010) was released in April; it was recorded, mixed and mastered in the band’s practice space/Melkun’s shed in Whitestone, NY. The EP is available for free download as well as on a limited CD pressing. Playing in the NYC and surrounding area often, ELECTRICIANS cite Lync and Broken Social Scene among their obvious influences as well as nearly every other 90’s/00’s Alternative and Indie Rock and 60’s/70’s Rock/Pop band/songwriter under the sun.