Electricity for Everybody!

Electricity for Everybody!


Melodic rock that shimmers, lurches, trembles, and glows.


Formed just over a year ago, Electricity for Everybody! brings together musicians from a number of Edmonton bands -- Champion AB, No Hands, This Civil Twilight, The Maykings, Little Baby Cupcakes, and Prince Pounce. We've yet to record our music, but have played a number of shows at local clubs (such as the Velvet Underground), festivals (The Works), and art installations (The Apartment Show, Birch Heart's Good Intentions/Poor Traits show). Most recently, we opened for the Whitsundays on their Edmonton debut at The ARTery.

Our musical influences are wide-ranging -- from Palace and Nick Drake to Rapider Than Horsepower and Les Savy Fav. Lots of people say they hear Pavement at the heart of our music, which makes us all warm inside.


The three songs in our EPK reflect the band's sensibility, and emerge out of an early incarnation of what has since become Electricity for Everybody!: a collaboration among members of Little Baby Cupcakes (which included Matthew and Darren) and This Civil Twilight (in which Mark and Duncan still play) that resulted in the 5 song e.p. "The Fake Mistake." These three songs capture the dynamics and spirit of our music.

EfE! aims to head into the studio some time in the coming months to record a full-length.

Set List

EfE! plays original music, written by Matthew and Mark and arranged by the whole collective. A typical set runs between 35 and 45 minutes, and would currently include the following songs:

Pig in Clover
Zeroes and Ones
Legwarmers, Unite!
Don't Feed the Bears
Corner the Counterfeits
One of Us Has to Be Left
From the Banks of Jimmy Baker to the Shores of Tammy Faye
15 Years