Electric Jalaba

Electric Jalaba


Soundspecies live band meets Gnawa master Simo Lagnawi. Traditional songs reworked with enormous infectious grooves, analogue effects and warped guitars. Expect inexhaustible energy, moments of soulful calm and pinnacles of ecstatic mayhem, plus some dance moves you've definitely never seen before.


In the summer of 2011, eclectic groove adventurers, Soundspecies met UK based, Moroccan gnawa master musician Simo Lagnawi at a festival. After a handful of jam sessions and without ever having performed together in public, they booked two days in a studio to document their space-age-gnawa experimentations. From the music created that weekend - now available on CD and download, entitled ‘Introducing Electric Jalaba’ - it was clear that they were on to something special, not just a one-off collaboration. It formed the basis of an electrifying live set that over the course of a year has propelled Electric Jalaba to become one of London’s in demand live acts. They completed an impressive run of UK dates in 2012 including gigs at Camden Roundhouse, London African Music Festival, V&A Musuem, Secret Garden Party, Larmer Tree festival and more, plus a tour to Cyprus, while their self-made videos have gathered
over 12000 youtube hits and made waves in the blogosphere. They have developed and matured their writing process and deepened their explorations into gnawa music and beyond. Not bad for a first year and with another album already set to record and summer festival dates
coming in, it’s set to be an exciting 2013!


Introducing Electric Jalaba CD