EjE electric jazz experiment

EjE electric jazz experiment


EjE Instumental rock,jazz,and latin trio.EjE have a progessive jazz,rock style,mixing groves with any number of midi instruments,with guitar influenced solos, bringing an edgy and melodic sound to the songs. EjE have an eclectic array of songs that captivate the listiner.


EjE songs are a blend of santana and pat metheny. we will throw every influence we ever feel into our songs. EjE met in 2005, with no voice we decided to use our Istruments as our only voice.


EjE have a demo on www.ejemusic.com and two MP3 songs on myspace.com/ejeelectricjazzexperiment

Set List

EjE has nearly thirty songs, with a few cover Instrumentals. we can do three 40min sets. songs include: Am departure,Step off,End of rain,Alien,Black magic women (santana),Walk with you,Jazz system,peaches of ragalia (zappa), Catalyst, miles to go, Flight,promise to heather, Inertia, Europa (santana),Day drive,Carmel, Dylans dream,On my way,G force,Melodic nights,Top down,Sierra sky, the Epiphany,Rush hour,The fall,Kinetic energy, Technical inept.