Electric Lights Flashing Very Fast

Electric Lights Flashing Very Fast


George said unto ELFVF, "Use rock's dizzying highs; gather the swirling middles from 60s psychedelia; take the power bottoms from 70s era prog and let there be lights..." ELFVF hails from New York City


A wise person once asked, "What's in a name?" To which some arrogant ass replied, "Everything." The less presumptuous among us aren't so quick to accept that answer, but one could hardly contest the fact that Electric Lights Flashing Very Fast is big enough to contain five words, nine syllables and one obscure Syd Barrett reference. But if their name is big, this New York City-based power trio's sound is downright brobdingnagian. Conjuring the camp ferocity of the Louis XIV (T. Rex), the epic scale of The Arcade Fire (ELO), and the debauched whimsy of Genesis, ELFVF smash their drums, guitars and electronics into an unexampled amalgam of synth-enhanced psychedelic garage rock. In the spring of 2006, ELFVF will emerge from The Walkmen's Marcata Studios with their first Cult Hero Records release.


Currently recording with Cult Hero

Set List

Don't Panic
Darwinian, Begin Again
Sing Along
Never Been to London
Creation's Greatest Interstice
The Points of William Tell
From the Notes of a Bashful Emcee
Fraudulent Popsicle
Here Comes Mister Night