Electric President

Electric President


Electric President is a Jacksonville, Florida musical duo started by Ben Cooper and Alex Kane. They sometimes sounds like indietronica glitch pop, sometimes epic indie rock, sometimes atmospheric shoegaze. All of Ben Cooper's projects are recorded in a toolshed behind his house in Florida.


Electric President is a Jacksonville, Florida musical project by Ben Cooper and Alex Kane. The sound is a mix of folk, indie pop and electronics with the occasional reference to shoegaze and epic prog rock. For the last 3 years the band has been releasing music on German imprint and indietronic mainstay Morr, now in 2010 they release their first album on CT based Fake Four Inc.
In 2006 journalists loved to compare them to Postal Service or even Flaming Lips but Electric President's new, less electronic based music is far removed from the sugary indietronic pop sound that got them well deserved attention and even major placements on television shows such as "The O.C." or "One Tree Hill". Their latest album and first on Fake Four Inc. "The Violent Blue" is a gorgeous, intricate concept record based around images of the ocean, family, loss and gain. Although it may be Ben Cooper's most intimate and personal work for Electric President it is also some of the most developed and detailed song writing of his career to date.
Ben's characteristic nasal vocals have matured into a smoother sound complemented by waves of harmonies, quiet acoustic guitars and loud distorted electric ones built upon layers intricately produced percussive work whether it be in the form of big sounding drum machines, glitchy organic found sounds or straight up live kit recordings.
Electric President is not pop music for your little sister, this is some of the most thought out, composed and meticulously produced music coming out of the indie rock circuit.


Electric President - S/T - 2006 (Morr Music)

Electric President - Sleep Well - 2008 (Morr Music)

Electric President - The Violent Blue - 2010 (Fake Four Inc.)

Set List

Generally 40 mins to 1 hour of material from all 3 albums as well as Radical Face solo material.