Electric Religion

Electric Religion


Raw. Fierce, intense, propensive energy culiminating in a blend of Classic Rock, Thrash Metal, and Progressive Velocity. Electric Religion is an emerging force subtly gesturing "up-yours" to all the radio superstars out there in one unified roar of Psychedelic Garage Thrash


Formed in 2008 by Misha Savage, Jesse Neafsey, and Spencer Jones- Electric religion is a forthcoming band blending modern and retro tendencies to create an original taste of unique music. A year into the band’s conception, the boys were joined by Erin Hopkins, dishing up a taste of female flavor into a testosterone dominated genre of music. The band draws influence from many different artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Megadeth, and Motorhead, in order to create an original form of catchy yet powerful hard rock music. ER has had the privilege of playing with such artists as Hypernova and For Never Yours and continues to play with acclaimed musicians and artists. ER has been at work with their forthcoming EP, Divinity slated for release during fall 2009. The band is constantly seeking new outlets of exposure and focuses on professionalism, punctuality and an ability to work cohesively with other people.


Space God

Written By: Misha Savage

They sold my collections, they sold my profession,
They sold my definition and sold my complexion.
They took all my guns, and threw away my keys,
They hit than run than burned in the breeze.

But I’m not going to say I'm not going to die,
I’m not going to pray I’m just telling you why,
I’m not going to kill, I’m not going to love,
I'm just telling you baby I’m a Space God
I am a Space God

They burned all the killers, and took all the love,
They shunned all the thrillers, and put on the glove,
I’ll take your virginity, and steal all your prayers,
Now respect my divinity, and you'd better beware,


Now you shine upon the heat
Now you practice what you beat
Now you steal and now you kill
Baby open your teeth let me get my fill


Oh Baby
Oh yeah
Right honey
Taste the universe

And now I’m alive and now I’m your king
When our lips engage, our bodies scream and ring
A frequency I’ve listened to, all of my life
And now you succumb to the edge of my knife

(speed up)
Space God
Space God
Space God
Space God

I Can't Stand it

Written By: Misha Savage / Jeremy Savage

I Can’t Stand it

Well you come into my house and you act so crazy
And you’re telling all my friends that I’m mentally lazy
One of these days You’re going to try to kill me
But before you do will you please just, uh, Feel Me! Yeah! Rub It

I-I-I I can’t stand it x3

Well you come into my house with a shotgun in your hand
You try to shoot me down, but I don’t give a damn
One of these days you’re going to, assassinate me
But before you do that can you please not exasperate me


Well you went to college but you never graduated
But now you act so sophisticated
Now you’re telling me its, birth related
But all these years I think you’ve mentally masturbated



ER Demo 2009
Divinity (forthcoming 2009 summer release)

Set List

Our typical setlists range from 30-45 minutes with a majority of original songs, and some covers

A regular set may be-

Back for the Attack (original)
Wild (original)
Stephanie (original)
-insert cover-
Bullets (original)
Space God (original)
I Can't Stand It (original)

Our list of covers include but are not limited to:
Anthem - Rush
Heaven and Hell- Black Sabbath
Peace Sells- Megadeth
My Generation- The Who
Tush- ZZ Top
Bad Reputation- Joan Jett
Talk Dirty To Me - Poison
Motorbreath- Metallica
Breaking the Law- Judas Priest
Foxy Lady- Jimi Hendrix
Ten Thousand Fists- Disturbed
Number of the Beast- Iron Maiden