Electric Riot

Electric Riot


The live dance act that deliver an irresistible symphonic tribal disco accompanied with a backdrop of wall to wall raw energy
making them one of the most unique live bands around.


Having grown from it’s London roots, with a tireless work ethic and dedication, the ELECTRIC RIOT have strived to add a new found depth and size to their sound. Challenging their contemporaries this band have from the outset led with their hearts, a distinction that came from their electric live shows, where they were rarely seen leaving the stage without giving their devastating all. The London scene though wasn’t enough and they began to forge longer live sets with self-promoted underground parties, building new material with ideas that drove them onto writing their own brand of live house music, laced in romanticism, teenage kicks and chasing dreams.

ELECTRIC RIOT have earned an Apple licensing deal with “Mods/Rockers/Skins & Teds”, selected as Finalists in the Diesel Music Awards through “She Kills Me” and were deserved recipients of Exposure Music's Best Live Act Award. They have played all over the UK, including Festivals, TV Performances and have just returned from their second successful Tour of Italy supporting Planet Funk.

Ambitious, definitive and bold, the ELECTRIC RIOT are looking to move to the next level. With an album demoed and a live show as tight as a…….they are looking for the right people to move the group into the public's consciousness and help them achieve their undoubted potential.



Love Hurts - iTunes
Heartache - iTunes
Personal Jesus - iTunes