Alex Levine

Alex Levine


A constant musical argument that results in an unprecedented blend of styles that is unique to ERB. Each musician in the band brings a distinct approach to composition and contributes to a spontaneous and electrifying show.


The Electric Roots Band formed in spring 2004 as Deadbeat, consisting of Alex Levine and Adam Janower on guitar, Eric Busch on drums, Steve Kanter on keyboard, Dan Iwery on bass and vocals, and Yuma Uesaka on saxophone (joined in 2006). The band has played innumerable shows in southeastern Michigan including gigs at Clutch Cargo’s, The State Theatre (AKA the Fillmore), and The Blind Pig. The Electric Roots Band has produced one full length record, consisting of all original material. Recorded at Song Garden Studios in Belleville, Michigan, local reaction to the album has been extraordinary. Besides being a part of the Band, each member has musical achievements in several different areas.

Alex Levine is the guitarist in the Detroit Symphony Civic Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Rodney Whitaker and is a member of West Bloomfield High School Jazz Band along with Adam Janower. He is currently training with Wayne State University’s Professor Steve Carryer and will be attending the University of Michigan Music School in the fall. Moreover, he and Adam Janower, who has been studying guitar for 5 years, composed original music for West Bloomfield High School’s student produced film “Staff Infection”. The Electric Roots Band performed and recorded several of the tunes used in the film. Eric Busch has been playing drums for nearly 15 years and is currently auditioning at music schools around the country. He and Alex spent the last summer studying at the world renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. Steve Kanter has been studying both classical and jazz piano for over 10 years and also wrote music for the film. He has performed in several piano ensembles and is also an avid film maker. Dan Iwrey has been playing bass guitar for 5 years and has performed with the West Bloomfield Jazz and Marching bands. He is also an accomplished pianist and composer. Besides music, acting is Dan’s passion. He has performed lead roles in eight productions including the part of Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast. He and Eric composed original music to go along with the play Emma’s Child. The play received superior ratings at multiple competitions and featured Dan on stage. Yuma has been playing Saxophone for over 6 years and performs in the West Bloomfield Jazz, Marching, and Symphony bands. This year, the West Bloomfield Marching Band ranked third in the state and featured a Saxophone quintet under the leadership of Yuma.

The Electric Roots Band put on an energetic, entertaining, and interesting show. Their sound is unique and their style hard to come by. Anyone from the avid rock enthusiast to the jazz aficionado can enjoy The Electric Roots Band.


Electric Roots Band (2007) - featured on the Mitch Albom National Radio Show

Set List

Blend of original tunes and covers that include:

Crosstown Traffic
Shackles and Fetters
DeadBeat Revival
Cissy Strut
Off The Record
Plain and Simple
The Cooker
Sweet Home Chicago
Fly Like an Eagle
Corn Maize
On the Two
In Repair
No Second Chances
Sweet Water
Acupla Daze
A Go Go
All Blues
Now's the Time
Voodoo Child
Hey Joe
Who Knows
Walk This Way
Lose Me
Come Together
Hunger for the Great Light
Hey Arnold!
Freedom's Way

And More....