Electric Side Dish

Electric Side Dish


Electric Side Dish is a high energy rock band with the ability to whip a room into a frenzy and keep them dancing all night long. The band generates an aura that draws the audience in with the desire to participate in the energy of the show.


Denver's premier rock n' roll band Electric Side Dish has been grabbing the attention of fans and critics alike throughout the Rocky Mountain region for more than a decade. ESD brings an electricity that powers every room, engaging even the most reluctant shoe-shuffler.
ESD packs the dance floor with excitement and anticipation, drawing in the audience with tight arrangenments, catchy hooks and soaring vocal harmonies. Each night is one outstanding performance after another!
Members of ESD have penned over 100 original songs integrating rock, blues, funk, soul, jazz, world and country into their sound. They rotate covers throughout their setlists from artists such as The Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones. ESD's veteran players have performed with artists such as Dave Schools, Melvin Seals & JGB, Second Sight, Tom Constanten and The Garage Doors.
Founding member Phil Dudden writes intricate melodies and catchy lyrics and has proven to be an accomplished songwriter. "I'm pretty much a quiet guy, except when it comes to musical expression." The second half of ESD's guitar assault is John Tipton, an expressive and innovative musician. Tipton is a poignant songwriter, satirical in lyric and guitar.
In the late 90s while in the band Chautaqua, Tipton and Dudden brought aboard the drum and keyboard combination of Charlie and Stefani Briggs. The songwriting and prolific keyboard stylings of Stef compliment the two guitarists with Charlie on drums keeping the solid, metronomic beat.
Rounding out ESD's musical formula is bassman Fleeb and percussionist extraordinaire John Bunting. Bunting brings those tasty sounds that flavor the music and enhances the drama and dynamic of the band. Fleeb's funked-up bass and driving energy rounds out the the rock solid rhythm section.
The flavors of their music will stick to your musical palate and invoke vivid memories of great times. As Tipton tells their audience, "ESD... everybody's doin' it!"

Set List

The band does both originals and covers.
They have well over 100 originals and rotates covers throughout their setlists. Average set length: 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

Typical setlists
Set One:
Cleaning Windows (Van Morrison)
Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones)
Rock n Roll (original)
Gotta Love Love (original)
Riders on the Storm (Doors)
Mighty 420 (original)
After Midnight (J.J. Cale)
Winner of the Game (original)

Set Two:
Can't You See Me Flying (original)
Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Allman Bros.)
Quick Fix (original)
Swimming Up Stream (original)
Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd)
Forward (original)
Greta (Widespread Panic)
In The Window (original)
Not Fade Away/Lovelight (Grateful Dead)