Electric Smoke

Electric Smoke


Heavy Acid Blues/Biker Psych and Hard Underground Prog. sounds like '69-'73


Describing themselves as “heavy acid blues,” this was the stuff that came after all the love-ins — when acid became heroin, when Woodstock became Altamont, when the Maharishi became Manson. We’re talking Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, the MC5, Alice Cooper and the Stooges.
-Andrew McGinn, Dayton Daily News

Electric Smoke is a 4 piece Heavy Acid Blues & Riff Rock Band from the Midwest that use hints of Psychedelia and Biker Psych in their repertoire. ES stays true to their love for the late 60's/early 70's by using hauntingly vicious/strong vocals with lyrics dealing with insanity, death, going places, specific people, personal experiences and good ol' sex, drugs & rock'n'roll. They also use killer blues and heavy prog riffs, blistering leads on guitar and bass and pounding drums and fills. They incorporate and learn from the underground gods they hold close to their hearts instead of ripping them off (Night Sun, Bang,
Randy Holden, Blues Creation, Leafhound etc...)

So far Electric Smoke has been honored to share stages in the U.S. and over seas with bands including:
Gravestone Mind (France)
Radio Moscow (Iowa, US)
Black Market Karma (England)
Marcy Playground (New York, US)
Buffalo Killers (Ohio, US)
Federale (New York, US)
Mondo Drag (Iowa, US)
Smoke & Feathers (Texas, US)
Uncle Meat & The Highway Children (England)
Pale Blue Eyes (England)
The Main Street Gospel (Ohio, US)
Debbie Leggo (England)
and many more...


Electric Smoke has recorded a ten track self produced album w/ Lucas Gladman titled Heavy Children that was released early summer 2009.

Set List

Original Songs (written composed by Electric Smoke)

Usual Setlist:
Turpentine Blues
Real Fast Women
Daddy Long Legs
Knowledge of the Tree
Lady in the White Dress
Street Walker
Smoke Before Fire

Other Original Songs occasionally thrown in:
Pistol Totin'
Roll the Nickels
The Spectre
Heavy Steppin'
Blueberry Jam

Covers (we normally won't play these but sometimes we do as an encore(s))
Deep Purple - BloodSucker
Witchcraft - Chylde of Fire
Led Zeppelin - Good Times, Bad Times
Leafhound - Freelance Fiend