Electric Soul Method

Electric Soul Method


Firey, funky, sweaty, Electric Soul Method is here to create an environment condusive to catharsis. Let our edgy funk, soul, and jazz cure your modern ills.


In a town where music fans are fickle at best, Electric Soul Method has created a diverse, loyal following. Highlighted by a 300 plus CD Release show and opening for Karl Denson, ESM has made steady progress over the past year and a half. ESM is known for it's infectious grooves and it's exceptional musicianship. Each player could star in their own band and probably will sometime soon. Each lead is a testament to the dedication these guy's have to their artform.
ESM is a diamond in the rough, and a force to be reckoned with.


The Night

Written By: Joshua Hoyer

Everyone that I know has had hard luck.
Everyone that I meet could be stronger.
I think we need some relief for the pressure, just some light to see us through.

Everyone has demons in the mirror.
Some cry out for everything to be clearer.
I'd give almost anything to be near her, just some love to see me though.

There comes a time to just lay it down. We all need to breathe some time. Let the spirit fill you, and let the evening become the night.

I've been haunted through every season.
I have searched and found every reason.
I want to let the flood in and make peace with the truth, to see it through.

Some many peoples' lives are painful.
Is it yourself or your God should be shameful?
Ask all day long, but when the rain falls only joy can see you through.

There comes a time to just lay it down. We all need to breathe some time. Let the spirit fill you, and let the evening become the night.


Written By: Joshua Hoyer

When it's warm it flows natural, to this path we must adhere.
Oh yes, it can be frozen, so afraid, laid still be our fear.
When it raeches a boil, the staem comes back like rain from the lid of our years.

Who's to know if it's right when it takes so many forms. Our love is like water and I'm soaked to the bone. In mind I travel to the desert, the sanctity of a dry place, but the sands flood in emotion the moment I see your face.

Cause our love is like water.
Our love is like water.
and I ask myself...
can I live without water?

Crystal pool just inside the shadows.

Why is it that the light seems to grow dimmer the further we go down. And in peace of our embrace, there's not a sound, not a sound. You tell yourself soon you'll need to come up for air, but I'm always afraid that when I come back you won't be there.

Cause our love is like water.
and I ask myself..
Can I live without water?


Live Pandemonium, currently unavailable.
The Freedom Dilemma, available at shows and Homer's in Lincoln and Omaha.

Set List

We have about 25 originals we choose from during shows mixed in with tastee covers of artists such as Miles, Coltrane, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, DeAngelo, Nina Simone and more. Our originals range from groove oriented, improvisational jams lasting over 10 minutes, to 4 to 5 minute pop oriented tunes focused on lyrical prowess, to slow funk/soul numbers that make you want to grab a partner and get freaky on the dance floor.