Electric String Quartet

Electric String Quartet

 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

A four person band with a sound comparable to a movie soundtrack of fifty musicians. David uses loops to build massive layers of sound with the rest of the band filling huge dynamic range and high energy. They create melodic and meaningful instrumental music .


In the last hundred years, there have been few influential violinists that can compare to Stephane
Grappelli, Jean-Luc Ponty and Mark Wood. They helped reshape the boundaries of what a classical
instrument can do and play. No one has truly used the violin, much less a five string electric violin
quite like them until now.

Electric String Quartet (ESQ) is a solo/quartet experience out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. They perform
using live recording techniques to create a electro-cinematic rock sound unlike any other. Frontman
and electric violinist David Gerald Sutton can become anything from a steel drum, synth or
cello/bass and record or ‘loop’ the tracks together to create catchy riffs and rich soundscapes. Add
guitarist Michael Schumacher with his own wide variety of sonic soundscapes, Ryan Janssen
supporting the low end on bass and the aggressive drumming style of Corey Fitzgerald and you have
a four person band sounding like fifty people playing music you would hear in movie soundtracks.
With everything in it‘s place, David flows over the top with soaring violin leads and melodies that
tie the whole ensemble together.

The orchestra has been modernized and ESQ is leading the charge with insane live looping,
movie-inspired backdrops and a high-end show that will show you a whole new role for the violin
in popular music.


Dawn to Dusk - EP recorded by frontman David Gerald Sutton. All instrumentation was created by David with his 5 string electric violin and nothing else. Released in July of 2012.

The Vertical Horizon - Coming May 2012. A concept album about Alzheimer's. A listeners experience of what people are going through during dementia. A full length album with all members to try and make a difference in this world and rekindle a charge to cure Alzheimer's.

Set List

Moving Forward (Violin & Drums)
Inception (Cover)
Neu Blu (Cover)
Nostalgic (Solo/Band)
Something's Wrong/Pizzicato (Solo)
The Vertical Horizon