Electric Teeth

Electric Teeth

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Electric Teeth is a driven new rock band writing original songs influenced by a wide range of genres. Although we have been playing together for less than two years, we have developed a solid fan base that are drawn to our energetic live shows, as well as the deliberate songs from our debut record.


Electric Teeth's debut album, It Waits For You, is a refreshing departure from most first releases. The album combines thoughtful and honest lyrics with adventurous instrumentation. Without following anyone else's path, Electric Teeth use echos and references to the musical greats to create their own all new sound.
Formed at Middle Tennessee State University in Spring 2009 and bolstered by the joint songwriting team of singer/guitarist Taylor Lowrance and lead guitar player Nathan Goodwin,the band the wind their way through the ten tracks on It Waits For You, never sticking to one genre without being contrived.
Taylor's smooth baritone voice provides a stark emotional conduit for the band's expressive lyrics. Sean Sunderland's solid and precise drum beats compliment the song structures, while Bentley Callahan's solid bass parts add counter melodies to the lead guitar lines.
The band, whose members are all 20 or 21, have been playing shows at Nashville's popular venues like The Rutledge and The End. With their first album out, they are going to continue to book more exciting and packed shows around Nashville and Murfreesboro and then go on a tour. The album is available for purchase at www.electricteeth.com, as well as streaming and tour dates.


It Waits For You LP - Released November 2010
Tracking Listing:

Tick Tock Man
Last Town*
Open Country*
The Larger Your World
Hidden Highways*
Taken Quickly After

All songs streaming on electricteeth.com
* Songs that have been played on 88.3 WMTS
** Performed live on 88.3 WMTS

Set List

Tick Tock Man
Last Town
Open Country
The Larger Your World
Hidden Highways
Taken Quickly After