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Austin, Texas, United States | MAJOR

Austin, Texas, United States | MAJOR
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"Exclusive: Behind the Scenes"

Consider it street style stalking gone meta. We've shown you our favorite fashion week photog's upcoming collaboration with Club Monaco and now comes a behind-the-scenes look at Tommy Ton's Fall 2012 fashion weeks. Racing through the four fashion capital cities at break-neck speed, with his collabo backpack in tow, the video above gives a glimpse of what its like to be on the hunt for street style in between the season's biggest shows. The Club Monaco collaboration, which also features a messenger bag for the special lady in your life, can be seen on the arms and backs of some of Tommy's subjects in the clip and can be on yours too when the pieces hit store floors on the 20th. Until then you can keep watching Club Monaco's clip that watches Tommy Ton watch people on repeat. - GQ Magazine via Club Monaco x Tommy Ton

"Austin City Limits 2011: Brit-Punk Inspired Dance Party"

Some bands are just plain happy to play a festival. Hometown post-punk heroes Electric Touch are such a band, feeding off both an infectious 10th anniversary giddiness and the first raindrops Austin has seen in many months. The Austin-by-way-of-Nottingham quintet played ACL on Friday, choosing tracks mostly from their eponymous debut, harboring the dance-punk tendencies of similar acts like Friendly Fires and Arctic Monkeys.

Yet, Electric Touch's grittier side reared its head, speaking to a youth huddled around vinyls from Shane Lawlor's native England. The Kinks and Sex Pistols emanated through the band's bolder tracks and on this opening day of ACL; Electric Touch was nothing if not brazen.

"Are you with us?" singer Shane Lawlor asked, somewhat rhetorically. He panted briefly before jumping back into a swift 45-minute set. ACL is all about punctuality, but the bands tend to adapt, packing sets with a density of power normally reserved for Texas chile.

During one of several buzzing interludes, Lawlor paid homage to his musical peers, blending a track from fellow ACL-ers Foster the People with Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction." The band rifled off rampant versions of "Don't Stop" and "Magnetic," turning the stage to springs with tireless bouncing. And when the sweat came on so intensely that towels were required, Electric Touch unplugged a bit and turned out emotive ballads like "Alone." With Lawlor hunched over the keyboard and belting hoarsely, he bared a striking sonic resemblance to Axel Rose.

"They say this is the music capital of the world," Lawlor stated mid-set. "Let's prove them right today." With a heavy nod, he jump-started another full-bodied number.

The band's youthful, relentless nature fit well in the overall scheme things. Every opening day of Austin City Limits requires the proper kick-off—one built around high energy and fist-clenching rock. And while Electric Touch should exist in or at least near the punk section of your local record store, the band's cleanliness and poppy leanings came to the fore during their afternoon set. Much to their credit, that's what need be done when you are competing with over 100 bands and four other stages. In the end, the band's smooth avant-punk beats and calculated thrashing drew fans in like a moth to a flame. - Culture Map - Austin

"Bellaire High School Alums"

It looks like you can go home again.

Bellaire High School graduates and twin brothers Christopher Leigh Messina and Louis Messina, Jr., returned to their alma mater Friday and brought their band, Electric Touch, with them. The band played a short concert in the school courtyard before an excited audience of students who danced and sang along.

The band was in Houston to open for recent hitmakers, Hot Chelle Rae, on the Beautiful Freaks Tour at the House of Blues Friday night. But before the guys headed downtown, they wanted to make a trip down memory lane and do a fun show.

"We love playing anywhere but we didn't know what to expect. Would they hate us? We just wanted to see our old teachers and bombard the classrooms," said Christopher Messina, who graduated in 2005. "Louis and I used to play drums during lunch all the time."

On teaming up with Hot Chelle Rae, Christopher said, "We just reached out to them and got an OK! They're great guys and we've learned so much from them."

Electric Touch was formed in 2007 when Christopher moved to Austin and met British import Shane Lawlor, who became lead vocalist. Originally a trio, with Christopher as guitarist/vocalist and Louis as drummer, the band recruited keyboardist Isaac Strycker and bassist Portland Musser to complete the group.

Clad in skinny jeans, rugged heeled ankle boots, and an overload of black, all five band members emitted a strong British influence, stylistically and aesthetically. The Messina twins each have individual styles representing the dapper half of the group; suspenders, rolled-up sleeves and leopard print.

Lawlor's natural anthemic voice echoed through the school courtyard, grabbing the attention of students passing through classes and peeking through windows to snag a photo or a quick listen. "Beautiful Mess" instantly triggered front-row fans to start jumping up and down, with a mosh pit in one corner of the crowd. The tune was catchy, delivering a throwback '90s grunge sound that could be an instant summer hit.

By the time the song was over, Lawlor tossed his guitar aside to give the audience his full attention and to show off his dances moves. He introduced each of the band members and highlighted the Messina twins mentioning, "All the way from Houston, Texas!"

Quickly transitioning to the next song, the band kept the crowd engaged with a confident rendition of Foster the People's "Pumped up Kicks." Christopher, who playfully threw out spare guitar picks to raging fangirls, and Strycker provided strong back-up vocals throughout the set.

"Dominos" started off with a quick lesson of the day from Lawlor. "Never give up on dreams," he told the high school students.

The band appeared to be having a blast during the 30-minute lunchtime concert, with a high-energy energy performance while fending off a few students who attempted to join them on the stage at the end.

After the show, each of the band members patiently posed for pictures and signed autographs, while bantering back and forth with the crowd.

The Messina twins caught up with CultureMap and discussed their latest album, Never Look Back. "It just dropped last Tuesday and it's about our experiences. Everything from stories about love ... not being in love. We want people to relate to the material and expand to a broader audience." - Culture Map - Houston

"Coachella 2011: Rock Your Style Files"

Brought to you by Garnier Fructis get a behind the scenes look with Electric Touch at Coachella 2011 in Indio, CA - Garnier Fructis: Rock Your Style Files

"New Video Alert: "Don't Stop""

Lots of exciting stuff going on for Austin-based band Electric Touch. For starters, the video of their hit single “Don’t Stop” was just released today in all of it’s pop rock glory. With an infectious hook that makes you want to sing along upon first listen, it’s a great evolution of the band’s talent. Second, the band has just announced a full U.S. tour with Hot Chelle Rae, who just won the title of New Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards. Kind of a big deal. Tickets go on sale Friday, 12/09 and you can check out www.electrictouch.com/tour for more info.

The band will also be teaming up with Evanescence for a week of east coast shows, so concert goers can enjoy upbeat tunes from Electric Touch before they shed tears when Amy Lee sings “My Immortal”. And lastly, both the “Don’t Stop” single and EP are now available on iTunes.

To learn more about Electric Touch, check out the Lost In Concert interview with them at Lollapalooza this past August here in Chicago. Some great photos and nice insight into their passion from British frontman Shane Lawlor. - Broke Hipster

"Lollapalooza 2011: Lost In Concert"

With collective good looks, modern rock style and undeniable passion, the five guys of Austin-based band Electric Touch would be worthy of a spread in any magazine. Add to all this that they are being mentored by one of the music industry’s most successful concert promoters, and a famed path seems imminent. After a series of big music festival appearances, the lads round out the list as Lollapalooza 2011 artists. Hours after they rocked the BMI stage to a loving crowd, Lost In Concert chatted them up about where they’ve been and where they’re going.

A quick introduction to the band goes as follows. You’ve got British lead singer, Shane Lawlor, in the company of four Americans; Isaac Strycker on keys and back-up vocals, who looks like he should be the next face of an Armani campaign; Portland Musser on bass, whose real name is not Portland but he somehow embodies it like a personal brand; and twin brothers Louis Messina Jr. (drums) and Christopher Leigh Messina (lead guitar), who each carry themselves so differently that you may even miss they’re identical.

Electric Touch, signed to Island Records, has already played SXSW, Bonnaroo, Warped Tour, Austin City Limits and the list continues to grow. When music lovers attend different festivals, each event becomes known for offering a different vibe or experience. One might wonder if it all feels the same on the other side of the stage – or if the artists performing can feel the difference too. “They all feel very different, actually,” says Lawlor with that beloved British accent. “We always aim to do our best we can possibly do and give everything we can to put on the best show possible – so that doesn’t change, but every fest does feel a little different. Lollapalooza is one of the most beautiful festivals in the world – right here in the middle of Grant Park with this beautiful backdrop, and the audiences in Chicago are always amazing.” That warm midwestern embrace was apparent after the band’s set on the BMI stage just hours before. Fans flocked to the guys after their set, who made themselves available to the crowd in front of the stage to take photographs dripping in sweat with smiles on their faces.

The band’s take on both why and how they do this is refreshing. “We’re not making music for people in penthouses, to be honest,” says Lawlor. “We’re making music for average people and real people who have problems and want some escapism. We don’t wear loads of makeup on stage or put on fishnet tights. We’re just real – and we’re not trying to impress rock and roll stars. It’s people in the audience we want to impress. And we want to take it all the way to the top.” With a hunger for success and a vision of what that takes, their passion translates as unstoppable. Lawlor makes direct eye contact when he says these words and it’s clear there is no messing around when it comes to where Electric Touch is headed.

In addition to having their eye on the prize, the guys also have a secret weapon that any rising band would kill for; the mentorship of Louis Messina, a highly regarded concert promoter who has had a hand in the success of some names you’d surely recognize. “He basically helped develop Taylor Swift from when she was 12 or 13 to the star she is now, selling out stadiums every night,” says Strycker. “Helps us to understand the expectations he has of us.” Starting off a band with Messina in your corner is like being dealt pocket Aces in Texas Hold’Em; the odds are in your favor. It’s no typo that this band’s mentor shares the same surname as the drummer and lead guitarist. He’s father to the twin musicians, so if it’s at all possible that Messina Sr. could be even more invested in the success of an act than he has thus far, this would be the case.

Infectious songs. Apparent style. Effortless sex appeal. Sign us up for more Electric Touch. - Lost In Concert

"10 Bands To Watch In 2012"

Electric Touch was named to a list of 10 bands to watch in 2012 in the March issue of Austin Monthly.

The Texas rockers released a four-song EP in 2011 titled Don’t Stop and is currently in the midst of the Beautiful Freaks Tour with Hot Chelle Rae. Electric Touch’s major-label debut, Never Look Back, is due out March 20 via Island.

As well as highlighting their music, Austin Monthly asked the guys to model some fashion trends in the magazine. - Fender Guitar via. Austin Monthly

"Stylishly Inclined"

Shane Lawlor

Band: Electric Touch

What’s the best part about being a musician? I love the freedom that the life of a musician brings. I love that I’m allowed to think a little differently. I’ve seen all sides of life, from the gutter to the stars, and I get to write songs about it. And of course, performing on stage is a rush unlike anything else — it’s the stuff I dreamed of as a kid.

Describe your personal style. Working Classy. I dress sharp, because I like to be taken seriously. John Lennon meets Julian Casablancas.

Who are your style icons? Serge Gainsbourg, Alexander McQueen and Keith Richards.

What do you like about style in Austin? I love the variety, and it all seems to work as one. Wonderful juxtaposition. One foot planted firmly in the coolest city in the south and the other striding off into the future...

What is your most prized style possession? I have an old black leather jacket, which I bought used many years ago. We’ve seen a lot together, and no matter how bad I may have looked on occasion, the jacket has always come through for me. I also have a fantastic Black Velvet Ted Baker blazer which makes me feel like James Bond.

Where do you shop? Online. Top Man. Helm Handmade. STAG. Nordstrom.

What was the worst trend you participated in? I would get funny looks walking around London wearing the cowboy boots I bought on my first visit to Texas. - Tribeza Magazine

"Austin City Limits 2011: MySpace Music"

Austin rock­ers Elec­tric Touch didn't have far to trav­el to play ACL this week­end, but the group's mem­bers are organically from all over the world. The band told us how they formed here in Austin and what it's like be­ing part of the city's var­ied mu­sic scene. Plus, they of­fered a sneak peek in­to their up­com­ing new mu­sic video. - MySpace Music

"Lollapalooza 2011: Express Rocks! Suite (Day 2)"

Isaac and Louis of Electric Touch stop by EXPRESS ROCKS! SUITE (Day 2) at Lollapalooza 2011.

Miami Express Yourself Oasis and EXPRESS ROCKS! SUITE was the ultimate destination for artists, celebrities and VIPs at Lollapalooza on Saturday at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago. Ellie Goulding, Quest Love, Electric Touch and Foster the People were among the artists that experienced brands such as Motorola, SOUL by Ludacris, and Blue Microphones. Guests enjoyed complimentary meals by Qdoba Mexican Grill and sip on delicious cocktails and beverages provided by UV Vodka and Asahi Beer. Clearasil and got2b products were picked up by celebrity guests such as renowned DJ’s Mia Moretti and Team Bayside High. - World Red Eye

"Lollapalooza 2011: Hard Rock’s Summer Sanctuary (Day 3)"

Isaac Strycker, Louis Messina Jr and Portland Mussler of Austin-based band Electric Touch says he “had a killer time” at the Oasis the day after rocking the Lolla BMI stage. “I played the KINECT dance game THREE TIMES and spent WAY too much time in the Express Rocks photo booth. Also, Coconut UV Vodka + coconut water tastes impressively like a piña colada, without the blender. Might have to borrow that recipe for the next pool party back home in Austin. What a great way to escape the neurotic Chicago weather, and hang out with some of the coolest people I met all weekend.” - Broke Hipster

"SXSW 2012: Rock The Vote"

Wanted to share with you guys a few more photos and videos from Junk Food's time at SXSW. If you ever get the chance to visit Austin during that weekend then we highly recommend it...so much live music and good times!! Our Rock the Vote t shirt campaign is in full swing and we were thrilled by the reaction to our QR scan t-shirts from both the SXSW crowd, and the musical performers! Below is a great video by Rock the Vote that explains the history of voting and why its so important for YOU to use your vote and make a change... - Junk Food Clothing Co.

"SXSW 2012: Hard Rock Music Lounge"

Electric Touch stops by the Hard Rock Music Lounge during SXSW 2012 - World Red Eye

"Lollapalooza 2011: JBTV"

Jenna Martinelli talks with Electric Touch at Lollapalooza 2011 - JBTV

"The Perfect Accessory for a Rock Star"

A couple of weeks ago, the boys of the band Electric Touch (pictured here with CitySpy Editor, Paula) shot their newest music video for the song “Don’t Stop” sporting their favorite DL’s! - The Indigo Standard

"Rock The Look"

We asked local rockers Electric Touch to trade in their skinny jeans for a day and model the season’s top trends for gents. Classic yet rugged, spring’s hottest looks include bright hues, clever mixes of textures and patterns and a dose of preppiness. - Austin Monthly

"House of Blues - Chicago"

Reach back in your mind to the point that you first decided you wanted to be a rockstar. The first time you saw a dude in skin-tight leather pants and it could only mean one thing: he was getting all the chicks. You didn’t just want to listen to that guy’s music or get his autograph, you wanted to be that guy. You wanted to be a rock star. In the grand scheme of things it isn’t rocket science, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing when we still have plenty of live concert venues and no real space program to speak of. Each and every member of Electric Touch is a real life version of the guy you dreamed about becoming before you put down the guitar in favor of one of fifteen different careers behind a keyboard with letters on it.

Walking into the House of Blues that Saturday initially felt like escorting a younger sister to a Metro Station concert. Hundreds, if not thousands, of girls a fraction of my age all ready to rock out to the Disney-esque sounds of Action Item and Hot Chelle Rae. Don’t let the marque fool you though, Electric Touch is not a Disney band. They will inevitably reach the point of super stardom (when, not if) paved with romcom soundtracks and collectible action figures, but they’ll still feel genuine because they have just enough British tight pants sensibility. In other words, it’s not the type of band you have to worry about liking now and hating later when they sell out or become uber popular.

As the opener, they had the hard job of playing fluffer to a crowd that probably wasn’t there to see them. It’s a tough gig. Go in and impress a crowd of people that generally don’t care about openers, have no idea what your music sounds like and is easily impressionable. They were on their knees at the feet of the audience and they delivered a performance that left the crowd visibly excited and panting for more.

Start to finish, all the guys in Electric Touch work their asses off for every single die-hard fan they had by the end of the evening. Shane’s sultry, subtle British twang gets piled on top of killer licks from Christopher’s guitar and a never-ending, get your ass in gear drum beat from Louis’ kit–along with swoon worthy vocals and digital ivory duties from Isaac and a cementing bass line from Portland. Yes, everyone’s on a first name basis with the guys in Electric Touch. The start that I referenced earlier would be their performance and the finish would be the end of the Hot Chelle Rae performance. They manned their own merch booth after their set. They took pictures, signed autographs (and body parts) and had an impromptu meet-and-greet with fans at the base of the stairs after the show.

If there were still physical copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica, you would find a picture of Electric Touch next to arena rock in the 2012 edition. They manage to channel everything from The Clash and Aerosmith to The Kinks and INXS while still having their own identity and being approachable. Electric Touch is a rock and roll show for the entire family. If you have a little sister, take her with so you don’t feel so weird asking for an autograph. Then get rid of her and go drinking with the guys after the show. - Lost In Concert


Still working on that hot first release.



Incendiary rock band originating in Austin, Texas fusing classic and contemporary influences resulting in a high energy live show and arena-ready anthems.

Their sound is often likened to Island Records label mates The Killers, along with Kings Of Leon, but with members hailing from both sides of the Atlantic this exciting 5-piece delivers a unique brand of British-American Rock music.

A bulletproof rhythm section is the backbone of the band delivering pounding beats big enough to fill a stadium punctuated by killer bass lines. Dynamic guitars bring angular melodies refreshing in simplicity one moment then exploding into frenzied fury the next. Vocal hooks and harmonies delivered like an urgent call to arms scream “The future is now”.

The songs are essentially tales of Ordinary Life in Glorious Technicolor. The stories are about Love and the human condition, with poetic lyrics depicting the many sides human condition is all its fortune, fickle and flaws.

Electric Touch debuted at number one on FMQB Radio with their first single, snagged the Number 1 spot on Amazon.com on the day of release with another, and have been invited to support Bon Jovi, The Bravery, The Fratellis, Airborne Toxic Event and Phantom Planet. They are set to take the world on in 2011 with an appearance at the Coachella Festival in April followed by a new album produced by Grammy nominated Producer of the Year Howard Benson on Island Records.