Barcelona band that mixes rock with electronic music and sequenced visuals. Full of energy on stage, the visuals are completely synchronized with the audio.


Electric Vailets is formed by people with music & video backgrounds. The band combines electronic bases with drums (acoustic & electronic) and the power of a guitar. The sequenced visuals are as important as music in the show. In some


All tracks are avaible at www.electricvailets.com
CD is sold in concerts and by mail.
First CD is Electric Vailets. Now we are working for the second one.

Set List

A gig of Electric Vailets often starts with an opening video introduction. Usually a short film protagonized by the same members of the band. When original soundtrack at the end of the video is the begining of the concert, because is the band who is playing. Then we have a show up to 15 songs, with nonstop audio between them (sometimes often linked to video). The actual show is 1h30' aprox.