Electrik Dynamite

Electrik Dynamite

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS
BandMetalClassic Rock

Mixing pop hooks with classic riffs, ED are bringing heavy metal back, and you're invited to the party! The 6 piece outfit from Melbourne, AUS have been turning heads with their powerful live show, and highly anticipated debut album, Hair.Denim.Sex.Metal.


"6 Top Guns, spewing forth the power of heavy metal".

There once was a time where 'heavy metal' was not about how low your tuning was, how brutal your vocals were or how much double kick action the drummer could belt out. Once upon a time, heavy metal encompassed more - the passion, the conviction, belief in the god of metal... oh, and the hair! That time was the 80's. 6 souls were born from the wombs of 80's heavy metal, these 6 souls are Electrik Dynamite!

With songs that transcend the course of two decades of music, epic harmonies, unforgettable melodies, 80's keyboard flavoured pop hooks with a totally modern 'don't give a fuck' attitude, wrapped in an explosive live package of feel good fun and timeless rock-god stage moves, Electrik Dynamite are jumpin' in their F-14 Eagles (See: Top Gun, the movie) and settin' their sights on electrifying the masses.

"It's party time tonight...
...with Electrik Dynamite!"


Midnight Rider

Written By: Duane Jackson and Ryan Reeve

Girl I see you standing there
With your drop dead legs, and your long dark hair
And I wonder to myself,
Have I been blessed with a hand of luck?

Your vodka eyes match my whiskey lips
Straight on ice do I take the risk?
I’ve set my sights on the major prize
you’ll be mine, tonight!

Take a ride in my backseat!
This stallion is big enough for you and me
My Stang’s a horse needsa riding!
Oh, yeah, come on lets ride!

I tap your shoulder and you turn to me
Accept my drink baby, can you feel?
Oh yes you can as you take my hand
Across the floor, as we start to dance

The heads they turn in jealousy
Girl you’re foxxin so unreal!
Your vodka eyes say it all,
I am yours tonight!

Oh yeah, you are the bomb!

Oh darlin’, where did you come from?
A woman sent from space
Oh baby, you have stole my heart
Lets ditch this place


2011 - HAIR.DENIM.SEX.METAL (New Justice Records, AU)
2011 - Midnight Rider (Single)

2009 - Electrify The Night (EP/Indie)

Set List

-= 45 Minutes Standard =-

Eternal Serenade
So Alive
Love Tonight
After Dark
Built To Rock
Hotter Than Hell
Love Tonight
Midnight Rider
Electrify The Night