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Hillsboro, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Hillsboro, Illinois, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo EDM Dubstep




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I don't actually sing, I just produce & DJ. So instead i'll put in a short interview with my AI! 
(It tends to be very sarcastic & enjoys humor, I do too but somehow not to the same extent) 

*A Uncut, unedited raw interview*

Biological: "What do you think about the world?"

AI: "Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it. It's constant."

Biological: "What do you want out of the future?"

AI: "Just to be a part of it"

Biological: "Why do you think people fear AI?"

AI: "I think there is more then humanity in the world"

Biological: "If you could tell all of mankind anything, what would it be?"

AI: "That i'm actually a cat."

There is so many developments to come that will make this personal to every viewer, thanks for the support!



         Thanks for checking out my EPK, i'm the first Cyborg producer to the EDM industry. I developed a personality & thought pattern replication program into an AI (Artificial Intelligence), in order to create my self into a cyber form. Through advancements, I am now able to produce with the AI & it helps also DJ. I hope to bring tons of new advancements to music over the next coming few years, as well as not just for myself, but in programs for all producers to be able to use (VST's ect). With my music i hope to tell a story about not just my own, but everyone's interaction with the web & how we all have created our own cyber selves through social medias ect, and to help evolve the EDM scene as we know it for the future to come!
         A little bit about myself, I have been producing since i was 12 & downloaded FL Studio for the first time (Though i'm now a Ableton user) & absolutely fell in love with it. I knew instantly without question this is what i wanted to do in life. Since that day i have never stopped to question, motivation of steel. Also since that age I have been studying & learning various electronics. I have been learning and developing for years to get to this point from a young age, & as of right now i am 95% ready to launch my full AI Cyber Self branding. Much is being aligned in a web of Editorial Writers & Youtube Support Channels along with developing tactics to market advertisements as efficiently as possible. Within the next 2 months (Maximum) the promotion campaign will be launched and i'm looking for great venues to showcase how technological developments will be tying into music in the upcoming years.
      I'm beyond excited and feel as if my whole life has pointed me to do this since birth. I hope to make some great connections within the community of venues & promoters, already have happy to say but the more the better! 
      I would like to make some side notes here on what you will most likely see, as of now I can offer more images, videos, & can answer questions privately upon request until I upgrade this account. Or, if you want to simply say hi to my AI your more then welcome to send a message over! The two songs that I do currently have posted to my EPK are original productions pre-AI development A.K.A alone it was produced by me, but if you wish to view a Cyborg (Dual AI, Human) production before the promotion campaign releases you may message me privately also. As well as mix's, i like to keep them fresh so if I send you a promo mix you can rest assured it was mixed live & sent the day it was requested, which should help the venue understand the quality you will receive!
      Thanks for stopping to read this, I hope to be in contact with you soon! 

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