Karen YOUNG - Eric AUCLAIR Duo :: ElectroBeatniks

Karen YOUNG - Eric AUCLAIR Duo :: ElectroBeatniks

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With Karen YOUNG’s signature – Canada's jazz fusion specialist, it is 100% great. Voice and bass duo is a favorite combo, here it comes with a +: Éric AUCLAIR's sampling – pre-recorded and live. From songs to slam, sampling/improv to Ars Nova : they bring their jazz into the 21st century!


Éric AUCLAIR – Gifted and polyvalent, the Montreal bassman follows his own rythm under the pulse of virtuosity. He convinced Karen to come aboard this electro-jazz fusion project and his scores pave the base of their arrangements. Furthermore he home-made all their electroacoustic sounds ! We did say gifted.
Biography – Bass and Double bass player, Eric taught himself these instruments after completing his classic percussions training. Since then, Auclair evolved from composition and arrangement to CD realizations in jazz, chanson and electro genres.
Always pushing further, Eric strives to be true to his first call : creativity. And his dedication receives much kudos, as we can gather from his resume, that reads as a who’s who of the best Montreal jazz: Michel Cusson, Yannick Rieu, Karen Young and other talented Quebec creators of the likes of choreographers Marie-Claude Rodrigue and Mélanie Demers. Éric also co-realised the following CD : Baptiste, Baptiste; Projet Kérouac – HAÏKU, Michel Dubeau & als; Mademoiselle s’amuse, Mademoiselle s’amuse. One can also hear his bass on the music scores of : Omerta III, Michel Cusson; La Forêt des mal-aimés, Pierre Lapointe; Intacto et Patricia Kass – now in final stage of production.
And, on Karen Young’s Ame, corps et désir – her Ars Nova 2007 CD, he receives credits for bass/double bass as well as some arrangements and a collaboration to realizing. As for their ElectroBeatnik CD, the chairs will turn and he’ll receive the biggest part of both arrangements and realization credits.
Karen YOUNG - The fundraising & non-profit community concerts stages have brought quite a harvest : they met & and decided to push this further. The Duo made its debut during work-in-progress performances in Spring 2006, toured Quebec the following year and is launching a CD momentarily. All this under the tempi ÉlectroBeatniks, a formula that describes really well their musical journey. Electroacoustic jazz with improv /spoken word /sampling in which Karen's lyrics and the Duo music is co-arranged. Freedom… in duo !
Biography – Much ore than a magnificent voice….
A passionate and prolific musician : Karen Young sings, for change and peace and, after 38 years of professional career, is still true to herself and to music. And always, K’s compositions, interpretations, improvisations go straight to the heart. Awarded Artist for Peace in 2003, Karen also received Rideau Career Prize the same year
Rideau, Quebec venues & events programers' association.
Considered one of Canada’s great jazz singers, K’s vocal range and control and her passion for music have enabled her to attain success in various musical genres. Karen continues to work, in English and in French, with many Montreal, Quebecois and Canadian artists. URSH Records, her personal label, released eight Karen Young albums since its inception in 1992, among which Canticum Canticorum – a specialized Medieval / Mediterranean / Jazz Fusion CD than sold almost 10,000 to date in Québec only.


The Duo's first album is final stage of production at Montreal's Karisma Studio.

Karen Young's discography counts 14 albums, 8 on her own indie label.

Set List

100% original songs, lyrics by Karen YOUNG
Music and arrangements by Eric Auclair and Karen YOUNG