Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly


Blue Butterfly is a electronic music group from Brazil, influenced by electro, industrial, cyber punk, gothic, darkwave and E.B.M.


Blue Butterfly is a Brazilian electronic music band, formed in 2007 by Marcus Coelho [Vocals / Programming] and J.P Manoeli [Keyboards / Backing Vocals]. They combine elements of EBM (Electronic Body Music), futurepop, darkwave and synthpop. The Lyrics are focus on conspiracy theories and sociopolitical concerns.

In 2008 they released their first independent EP Poison Planet, which was a mixture of electro-industrial beats with melodic elements. Israel Brito [Programming / Producer] join the group in 2009, introducing more concepts about EBM and Industrial Music.

Their next release, 2010s World of Manipulation continues combining melodies with industrial beats, becoming the main feature of the group. Blue Butterfly was recently chosen to open the Show of HOCICO in Rio de Janeiro and actually, they are preparing a new EP Occupy Wall Street, which will be released in January 2012.


Bio Robota

Written By: Israel Brito / Marcus Coelho

Bio Robota

Deep down in the Ukraine,
A ghost town is now the heart of shame
Nuclear disaster, radioactive exposure
A big mistake was made again
Radiation is everywhere!
Even machines can’t stand this fate!

And they called us Bio Robotas
We clean the land but destroy our lives.

Have we desired these rotten skies?
Maybe we are lost and went astray
When you despised all human kind
You anticipated the doomsday!

And all those medals now garnish their coffins
Those were not mad machines
Nobody wants Bio Robotas!
They called us Bio Robotas!

Poison Planet

Written By: Marcus Coelho

Poison Planet

When the humans came
The world became dark and cold
Evil and corruption at birth
Sent by the conspiracy leaders!

Enslaving you by illusions
Making you desire
Exchange your heart and soul for pleasures
Blinding you to the truth

Living in a poisoned planet
Wandering on spoiled earth
The skull and bones rules forever
Devouring the Human Kind


2008 - Poison Planet (EP)
2010 - World of Manipulation (EP)

Set List

1 - Poison Planet
2 - Bio Robota
3 - World of Manipulation
4 - Holly Water
5 - The taste is Sour
6 - Waiting
7 - Profecy
8 - Occupy Wall Street
9 - Agony
10 - Abdução
11 - Fallen Angel