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Santa Ana, California, United States

Santa Ana, California, United States
Band Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"OC Music Awards: Electro City Bring Baby-Makin’ Music To Orange County"

Celebrating its 12th anniversary, the OC Music Awards kicked off on January 8th with eight weeks of free showcases at different venues across the county. 35 local artists will compete for the titles of Best Live Band and a performance slot at the 2013 OC Music Awards, March 9th at the City National Grove of Anaheim.

Electro City aren’t remotely electro. The “open and free” indie garage rock band laugh when I ask that question, telling me that the name was just the best out of a list of bad band names.

Other options were the White Elephants (already taken), Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (too long) and the Aristocrats (just not right.) And with lead singer Edgar Exciter’s “Ian Curtis” dance moves, the name is sort of fitting, his body a live wire to the high-voltage grind of the music. His last name is perfect; he’s definitely a crowd “exciter.”

The dance moves have been ingrained in him since his older sister snuck him into dance clubs when he was five, but he didn’t always feel comfortable enough to move in the band at first. “It’s hard to imagine now,” says Electro City.

Exciter is joined by bassist Edgar Treto, drummer Julian and guitarist Alex Morr and have known each other since their time together at Saddleback High School. As a band, they’ve only been together about three years, but they’ve developed a system in that time to make their 9-5 lives fit in with their rock ‘n roll schedules since the band admittedly plays a lot of shows.

They call their songs “baby –making music” and their shows have “a lot of excitement, a lot of crazy dancing, a lot of hand jiving, and foot stomping.”

Electro City doesn’t necessarily think they fit into a set genre, their first song will sound very different from the last but “has the same vibe,” although they joke that their music is “dark porno grooves.”

This comes after a conversation about their wildest show, a bachelor party where they were basically paid in a Dodge Ram truck filled with beer and, well, the chance to watch strippers. They took their gear out of their instrument bags, filling up each bag with beer so that they had “beer for a week.”

When asked what they’d request on their rider when they became famous, Electro City named the usual “red and purple skittles,” but when I told them it had to be weird, they replied midget strippers and “just beer, more beer. Why would you put anything else?”

All joking aside, Electro City are a serious band that have serious goals like saving up enough money from selling their CD to go on tour and doing what they love, “even if you have to fake an illness.”

Mostly, Electro City is just having a lot of “fun just hanging out with these chodes,” and they consider themselves a strong musical family.

“Pretty much brothers from another mother,” said Electro City.”We have our fights, but we jam and get over it.

–Nadia Noir, KROQ Los Angeles - Kroq

"OC Music Awards 2013"

Next up was Electro City, who brought the largest and most vocal audience; it matched their equally large, eclectic sound and their bigger-than-life stage persona. - Kroq

"OC Music Awards: Night 7 Offers Sashaying, Soundtracking and Loops"

For those who have never seen Electro City perform, the first, second and third thing that need to be brought up are Edgar Exciter's dance moves. Kid's got talent. His ability to gyrate, salsa, booty-shake as though he were Shakira, and sashay across the stage was without unparallel to anything we've seen recently on a local level. Energy notwithstanding, some of the songs early in the set sounded a bit too similar. The indie-ish, Santa Ana-based garage outfit were tight, technically sound and, despite losing guitar for a snip on their fourth song, showed serious promise with their last tune, which Exciter says, "It's so new it isn't out of the box." I don't know if "Lemme Ride the Soundwave" is the name of the new song or not, but I want more of what's coming out of that box. - OC Weekly

"The OCMA's"

Santa Ana’s Electro City clearly has a strong following, because the floor filled up quickly in the interim between BCSJ’s and their set. I spent that break trying to get the attention of the bartender, hoping to procure an overpriced drink, so I didn’t have the chance to watch the boys set up and make any preemptive judgments (you’re welcome, Electro City).

I turned around just as the music started, and initially was pleasantly surprised. The garage rock band has great musicians – guitarist Alex Morr is a standout talent among the bunch, and their songs are fun, fast, and catchy.

And then there’s lead singer Edgar Exciter. This guy was a real enigma to me – like Paul Banks and Fred Schneider had a baby, and then enrolled him in the Mick Jagger School of Dance. His voice didn’t sit right with the rest of the band, but I have to hand it to him: the man is a natural showman (with an awesome, probably fake last name, I might add).

The fans ate it up; a few even joined him onstage to sing some backup vocals, and by the end of the set he’d won me over. So hear this, music lovers: give Electro City a second chance. If they weren’t your thing upon first listen (like me, or fellow MIP-er Kayla), give ‘em a couple more songs. It takes a minute, but they get there eventually. - Music In Press


Lullaby For The One With No Friends EP (2010)
Untitled EP (2011)
Electro City LP (2013)



Electro City, a high energy, up and coming Indie/Garage Rock Band, was formed in the Fall of 2009 by four passionate Orange County locals; Alex Morr (guitar), Edgar Exciter (vocals), Edgar Treto (bass), and Julian Aldaco (drums). Each band member brought their own unique outlook on music and quickly began writing, composing, and performing live for crowds all around the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. A major contribution to the bands rapid growth has been their live performance and the experience felt by those attending. Sam Munoz, blogger for the Orange County Register, describes this as, “… razor sharp rock and roll…” and “Electro City presents it’s audience a kind of rock n’ roll sublimity that takes its cue from recent post punk indie rockers such as Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes [adding] a Danzig like vocal approach to top of the treat.” Pertaining to lead singer Edgar Exciter’s performance he also writes, “[Edgar’s] sexy and erratic dance moves [are] reminiscent of what a dancing Mick Jagger might look like if he were under the influence of steroids or speed”.
In the winter of 2011, Electro City became Musician of the Year Nominees for RAW: Indie Arts Awards 2011. On The Heidi and Frank Show’s segment called Stay or Go, listeners voted the band to stay by an amazingly high 84 percent. Their music can also be heard on Mutiny Radio (Nocturna segment with Alex Gahan every Sunday Night) in San Francisco.
Electro City is constantly delving into new material and collaboratively promoting and fine-tuning their sound. Touring and greater exposure is a goal for the future with their self titled first full length CD released in January 2013. Samuel Munoz, writer for the Santanero Zine and recent reviewer, has called it "a worthy debut" with "more than enough... to please the palate of loyal fans" as "nothing is lost in these recorded versions of their live counterparts".
Most Recently Electro City has been nominated to compete in the OC Music Awards for best live band which took place February 2013. Chantel Donnan from musicinpress.com reviews that night, “The garage rock band has great musicians… and their songs are fun, fast, and catchy… The fans ate it up…and by the end of the set he’d won me over.” Ian Julian from OC Weekly says, “The indie-ish, Santa Ana-based garage outfit were tight, technically sound… I want more of what’s coming out of that box.”
The full length CD Electro City and merchandise including tee shirts, pins, and stickers can be found at any one of their many upcoming shows.