Electrofunkadelica / Shaunna Hall

Electrofunkadelica / Shaunna Hall


cyborg music for the body mind and soul: electronica meets funk at a beatles convention taking place inside a virtual rollercoaster ride, with wes montgomery imitating eddie hazel on guitar, monstermashing to black sabbath.


Shaunna Hall

Guitarist, Songwriter and Producer Shaunna Hall's current project is called Electrofunkadelica, and is a collection of recordings and 3 videos written, produced and recorded almost entirely on a Macintosh laptop, mostly while on the road with P-funk, and includes performances by P-Funk members, friends such as Eric McFadden, as well as vocal and guitar performances by Shaunna Hall.

She is currently touring with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic as a guitarist.

Shaunna Hall began her musical career in San Francisco, studying at Blue Bear School of American Music with Grammy Award winning songwriter Bonnie Hayes in the early 80s. She co-founded the hugely successful rock group 4 Non Blondes with Linda Perry, Christa Hillhouse, and original drummer Wanda Day in 1989. The 1992 multi platinum Interscope Records release �Bigger, Better, Faster, More!�, contains her compositions �Morphine & Chocolate� and �Spaceman�, as well as guitar performances.
Shaunna remained in the Bay Area working as a band leader, session guitarist, producer and songwriter until she moved to Barcelona in 2002, and began touring with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic in July of the same year. She relocated to, in early 2006, and was made an official P-Funk band member in 2007.

Electrofunkadelica is a mixture of elements from electronica, funk, Nu-metal, old metal, hip-hop, pop, neo-classical, mediterranean and jazz, melded and mashed into contemporary music for the modern international listener. Some songs contain social and political messages, some are emotional and inspirational, and some are just plain fun.

The videos range from harsh political commentary to dramatic cinematic to silliness, expressing visually a broad range of feelings and emotions found in real life, made with a hi-tech, low-fi production value dichotomy. Art films? Home video? You decide!

Electrofunkadelica: "e3+FUNKnth= music for the body, mind and soul." June 25, 2006

The Electrofunkadelica live performance features, Shaunna on guitar, keys, and electronic sources including looping samplers, usually drummer Kevin Carnes, as well as occasional guest vocalists and instrumentalists. Projected visual imagery plays a large part of an Electrofunkadelica show, with VJ mixing, animation and film. When possible, this show will provide a totally submersive experience for the audience, using the cutting edge visual techniques of VJ's and projected imagery.



Written By: Eric McFadden

i'm in the corner
babys on the bed
her hearts alive, but her mind is dead
i'm in the bathroom, shes out the door
she's had enough, but she still wants more
of those details, details
too many deatails

the night is black almost as blasck as my soul
am i in one peice, cuz I don't feel whole
i don't need time away, I need time for myself
good for my sould but she's bad for my health
must be those details details details, don't want your details

i'm in the corner
babys on the bed
her hearts alive, but her mind is dead
shes in the bathroom,i'm out the door
so fuckin' mad I can't remember what for
must be those details, details
too many deatails

Stellar Evolution

Written By: S. Hall

stellar evolution is the only solution, if we're gonna live to see a better day
take the information skyway to the transformation highway
feel the power to suggest the world is full of love
spectrographic, light refracted
reflected, defracted, deflected, detracted
light flashing light

verse one (instrumental

dada da tee dada da ta da x4

I got a thang, you got a thang
everybody's got a thang
when we get together, doing our thing
in order to help each other,
in order to help your brother

don't call me whitey, nigga
don't call me nigger, whitey

stellar evolution is the only solution, if we're gonna live to see a better day
come on along, you can jump on this song, lift up your voices, and this is what you say:
stop the pollution, start a revolution
look at the world like it's beautiful
help out your brother, celebrate your mother
educate another so we don't get fooled again
war is not healthy for children and other living things

dada da tee dada da ta da
dada da tee dada da ta da


"e3+FUNKnth=music for the body, mind & soul"
Make Music, Not War Records 2006
Guitar, producer, songwriter, more
Streaming & Radio Tracks: Beauty Sleeps, Loop Station, Sweet Leef 2006, Second Wind, Loop Station, Naughty, The Third Eye, Save My Self

Set List

Good Thoughts, Bad thoughts
Stellar Evolution
Second Wind
Sweet Leef 2006
Loop Station
Puzzy Katt 2008

Videos: The Third Eye, The Beauty of Betrayal
Stellar Evolution, Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts, etc.

Live Visual Mixing