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"King Tuts Review"

On Friday 24th October 2008 I went to see Esser on their tour date at King Tuts. They were minus their guitarist and therefore we did not get to see the whole setup.

However, a band from West Lothian called Electrolite, who due to their huge following, were asked to headline on the night, supported them. As soon as the band hit the stage the atmosphere changed. Their 80 strong following gave the band a huge welcome as they started with “7 seconds”, an epic 6 minute long anthem which epitomised their melodic rock style.

The singer/songwriter Gordon Irvine has a haunting voice supported by the guitarist Adam Shaw and bass player Calais Brown Jr with flawless backing vocals. The band was very tight; it was apparent that they had been out gigging a lot and that they really enjoyed it. The audience picked up on this energy, fuelling the bands performance and loving every minute of the performance.

The songs benefit from the quality playing of keyboard/piano player Scott Grant who gave the songs real depth helping the band stand out from the crowd of heavy guitar based bands on the scene at the moment. This together with the busy batterings of Matt Hurst on drums gives the sound it’s a real fullness without ever sounding cluttered. A couple of fantastic, tasteful guitar solos from Adam Shaw add to the excitement with Calais Brown Jr’s pounding bass completing the sound.

The second song “Found” signalled a change in style and tempo but with still the insightful and reflective lyrics from singer Gordon. However, he is not the only member of the band to contribute songs as the next song “Gone but not Forgotten” was penned by guitarist Adam Shaw. As close to a ballad as you are going to get from Electrolite, which builds to a rock finish. Followed by “Jessica’s Ghost”, written by 18-year-old Calais Brown Jr – with a fast rocky melody and amazing lyrics about broken hearts.

Electrolite has a very distinct sound. Each song is clearly their own – however they are no one trick pony – differing the style, pace and feeling throughout – one thing remains – the strength of the lyrics – each song is a story and you find yourself following the song’s journey with pictures in your mind.

“Time”, their self named 50’s cheesy pop song is a fun break from the angst of a lot of their songs. Followed by “Those Eyes” – a cracking high-energy rock song about desire.

Between the songs the crowd were going wild and willing the band on. The band interestingly seemed humbled by the response and singer Gordon was quick to thank them for all their support, which only got the audience more on side, bringing the room to an almost carnival atmosphere.

They continued to entertain with “Learn” then “Still Remember” – written about obsession. The next song “Alcohol” is a fast paced crowd favourite and all too soon they were onto their last number “My Turn” – which it definitely is. Another anthem, which builds to show off each band member’s musical skill and which shows why this band are someone to watch out for.

Not only do they have the songs, the skill as musicians, there is an extra something about this band – a feel good factor. A feeling that they are going somewhere. They are professional, dedicated, and talented and above all have the desire and material to go far in the music business, so the only question is when is it going to be “Their turn”.

Lynne Thompson
Free Lance Music Journalist
- Music News Scotland


Still Remember - Played on XFm Scotland Xposure show in 2008



Gordon Irvine, front man and main songwriter, had been working on and recording and playing his songs for a few years when he decided to record a demo at a local recording studio in Livingston West Lothian.

Calais Brown, the owner of the Sound Station, soon became very keen on marketing Gordon's music and suggested a full band, capable not only of producing music with Gordon, but complementing his style.

Together they set about collecting the finest musicians around from the local scene and finally the group came together as Adam Shaw on Guitar and Vocals, Calais brown junior on bass, Scott Grant on Piano/Keys and Matt Hurst on Drums.
Electrolite are widely influenced by numerous artists throughout the music industry but there are definitely influences which can be heard through the songs.

Everything from R.E.M. Hendrix, Stereophonics, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more are certainly in there but put together to create a unique but familiar sound.

so through some crazy variation, we are Electrolite!