A cosmic cloud within a spinning nebula of gas started it all. Bam! There was light, matter, and more importantly sound. Electromatic has combined influences of soul, punk, rhythm and blues and ended up with a high-octane rock n roll sound that will blow your mind. The sound of rock n roll is back!


For over a year, Electromatic has been playing to packed audiences craving for that perfect rock n’ roll punch. Their journey, which began in a small suburban apartment playing covers, has taken the band all over the east coast, landed them opening slots for bands on Victory Records, and now finds the high-energy three-piece about to kick-off their 2007 tour to support their new album “One Eye Crying”. The members of Electromatic are road warriors in the truest sense and with this album the band is ready to rock in a big way. Call it hard work or call it destiny, one thing's for sure, Electromatic was put on this earth to entertain you.

Electromatic's story started back in high school, when frontman Mike Fowle went to his first rock show and saw his future on the stage. With the local music scene exploding, he decided the time was ripe for his own dreams to be realized. Armed with paper, pen and guitar, Mike went to task, experimenting with lyrics and chords in his parent’s basement. He reached a level of comfort with his songwriting and joined his first band. After stints in a couple of the areas primer bands Mike found himself stuck, unsatisfied with the direction the music was going he deiced to take it into his own hands start his own band. He wanted to make something new, exciting, and do things his way and that’s exactly what he did. He recruited a couple of college pals, including bassist Nate Lightning, and it was only a matter of time before Electromatic, who'd attracted a loyal following thanks to Mike’s killer riffs, were playing on stage themselves.


Whiskey and Guns - Played on WUAG 103.1 in Greensboro, NC and WEND 106.5 in Charlotte, NC.

Set List

Our set consists of 16 original songs which makes for 1hr 15min set. If needed we have 5 cover songs to make our set 1.5+hrs. We are writing new songs all the time so our set can be longer or shorter if needed.