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Alex Pevzner

One of my big hobbies is music, of course, but not only. Like many good parents did, my parents wanted me to have a good music education too. At the age of 8 I began to play violin and a bit piano till 5th degree at the evening musical school. Well, I was good; at least my teacher said it. It wasn’t difficult for me, but I didn’t really like it, so I began to dance. The very first time I saw someone dancing Break was at age of 3. Breakdance and electric were the same thing at that time, in spite of that those styles had separated developments. So I really liked to imitate the moves that I saw on TV and enjoy our family friend; he asked me to show it every time he visited us. That was for fun at that time.

Serious training began later...

I’ve been dancing since I was 13 and still go on. I created my own style, using elements of electric boogie, step and my own moves. I began to create my own dance shows, later on with elements of breakdance with my brother and his friends, who became my friends too, until my not ended musical education found its use. I began to create and produce my own songs.

Making movies is also one of my big hobbies. I tried to be taken at the Film High schools in Potsdam and in Berlin to study Camera. I even almost did it, but, as it was said to me, I was too young for, at that time. Wasting my time was not in my plans, so I began to study BWL (Economics) at Potsdam’s University in Germany.