electron love theory

electron love theory


With comparisons to artists as diverse as Dido, Morcheeba, Everything But the Girl and Frou Frou, the theory's musical fusion of electronica, pop, rock and groove reflects the hope, pain, love and sadness of the modern world.


electron love theory is the music of seattle-based songwriter/ producer jeff leisawitz. with the help of drummer moses gershbein and a bevy of studio divas led by gaetana gravelese, the theory's latest collection, colors of the galaxy, explores the love, hope, pain and sadness of the modern world. by combining dark electronic textures, soaring female vocals and inescapable melodies, electron love theory has won fans worldwide while being compared to such luminaries as dido, portishead, morcheeba, zero 7, massive attack, everything but the girl, and frou frou.

with the release of colors of the galaxy electron love theory gets back to its roots of hypnotic synth-based pop songs. tunes like the guitar heavy 'my own worst enemy' focuses inward on the desperate insecurities that haunt us all. then 'uptown' antes up a funky bassline to confront the loneliness and isolation in modern city life before 'your love is bringing me down' details the disintegration of a relationship. "i daydream about things that we could be/ but ya know, i don't know if i believe it/ we held on so tight that the future's sight was choked by fear/ but that was nowhere near the answer."

even with such dark themes permeating the disc, electron love theory shines with an innocence and purity on some of the album's best tracks. 'come a little closer' invites the listener into an ecstatic world while 'in your galaxy' believes in love without consequence. "every now and then i forget to breathe/ cuz in deep space there's only you and me/ your air is all i really need/ when we're kissin' in our galaxy."

in 2000, artistdirect.com named electron love theory 'best independent electronic artist in the world' for the music on the self-titled debut album. that disc rhythmically integrates original interviews with real people—a blind man, a heroin addict, a buddhist mystic—into long form electronic compositions. since that time the theory has landed more than 200 placements in film, tv and multimedia, (including mtv, vh1, motorola, james bond promos, hbo, scrubs, and many others), completed various remix projects, and produced a number of local seattle indie artists.

with a degree in 'creative writing with perspectives from philosophy, religion and psychology' songwriter/ producer jeff leisawitz is no stranger to the depths and shadows of the human experience. combined with years of professional listening as a music journalist and an undying love for melody and inner exploration, colors of the galaxy ignites listeners with a unique sound that stirs the soul from the very first spin.


in your galaxy

Written By: electron love theory/ jeff leisawitz

every now and then i open up my dream
every now and then the world believes in me
every now and then i like what i see
when i see you in my galaxy
when i see you in my galaxy

every now and then, tranquility
when you're floatin' next to me
in zero gravity
when i'm in your galaxy
when i'm in your galaxy

wake up, welcome to your life
wake up, don't think twice

every now and then i forget to breathe
cuz in deep space there's only you and me
your air is all i really need
when we're kissin' in our galaxy
when we're kissin' in our galaxy

the stars and the planets of the milky sea
don't bother to compete
with the beauty of our sweet destiny
in our galaxy
in our galaxy

now we're friends with the stars and the moon
baby, baby, we'll be home soon
we've made it past the darkest side
just kick back and enjoy the ride

into the moonlight

Written By: electron love theory/ jeff leisawitz

time stops in the middle of the day
there's a blind spot in the middle of my prayer
are you out there?

so much noise in the world today
i can't even find my baby
are you out there?

i love and then i cry
and then i breathe and then i die
then i sleep and then i rise
into the moonlight...

my head is like a crowded room
my heart is lost like a sad sad movie
are you out there?
and when we kiss we'll fly away
right through the clouds to the perfect day
i know you're out there...

i taste you still, just out of reach
the ghost of knowing and knowing
i know you are here
your warm salty tears on my skin


Written By: electron love theory/ jeff leisawitz

extra, extra read all about it
the good news is there's nothing tragic
the bad news is i'm primed for fighting
i'm a morning storm comin' down like lightning

am i missin' somethin'?
the pieces of the puzzle of my life don't seem to fit

where do you go in times of trouble?
when life is a riddle and a puzzle
twisted questions, jigsaw pieces
dreams are fleeting, falling, breaking, crashing spilling in to nothing

i really hope the tide is turning
the pieces of my life are burning
i turn to the left and i turn to the right
and i feel the missing in my life
and i cry and scream and kick and bite
but i just can't seem to get it right

the perfect lie

Written By: electron love theory/ jeff leisawitz

if i could tell the perfect lie
you'd believe i was beautiful
you'd believe i was strong
you'd believe i was complete
you'd believe...

if you knew the truth
if you see what lives inside of me
if i could just get past this
if i could let someone in...
if i believed...

i can't tell the perfect lie
you can see the blood in my eyes
you can see the dirt on these hands
you can see i'm hollow inside


Written By: electron love theory/ jeff leisawitz

it seems that something just ain't right these days
maybe i'm paranoid, maybe i'm afraid
but when i was a baby no one told me
this world was so twisted and tainted and lonely

i go uptown cuz there's a fire in my head
i go downtown cuz there's no one in my bed
i go 'round town to try to find a friend
i go inbound cuz i must defend myself...

i'm just a human being
and i can't even get the things that i need
so i can sing this song a thousand times
or raise my voice and make a choice

i swear there's something hidden in the breeze
the promise of peace and love and dreams
i know there's hope even in the darkest heart
so, c'mon baby, let's get this started

baby, i know, this world is beautiful
baby, i know, this world is cruel
we're walking on a fine fine line
we're livin' on borrowed time...

where is all the love in the world?

Written By: electron love theory/ jeff leisawitz

had it all, lost it all
cannot find my way back home
and I'm callin', callin'...
tuck me in with your warm kisses
it's been a while and i'm missing you
momma's not coming back...

where is all the love in the world?
it's gone and now i'm fallin'
it's gone and now i'm searchin'

ten thousand nights we slept together
now it's the end
till we meet again in heaven...
how could you, my truest friend
lie to my face and pretend it's ok
to betray me...

and all these visions cloud my head
and i just can't comprehend
these tears that seem to never end
they taste so real
really what i'm trying to say
is that the love i've lost will guide my way
will take me to a better day
when the love will never leave


electron love theory, 2000*
colors of the galaxy, 2006

*won 'best independent electronic artist in the world' on artistdirect.com, 2000