Electroshocks are finalist of a official contest of demo tapes in Madrid called "Audiciones" (www.fundacioncanal.com/audiciones). They have developed a show based on the traces of the electro, techno, house & other more experimental styles to offer misterious urban landscapes in audio visual format.


Electroshocks was born last summer as an amateur project of Cesar Agusti but quickly evolved through the collaboration of other colleagues who contributed with more creativity and content. Recently our band was chosen from among 400 participants from around the world to act in the finals of a demo tapes contest in Madrid with 2 other competitors. The performance earned the recognition of a jury made up with broadcasters of the National Radio of Spain (Radio 3), artistic directors of Sony BMG and well-known producers of the national scene.

Set List

Our sets are aproximately 45-60 minutes long.

The Typical set list is:

- FX Intro
- Pas Ensemble
- Alba
- Evolution
- The Tales Of Your Life
- Crazy
- Tree
- Liberty Typewriter
- UFO┬┤s In My Head
- Fade Out