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Humanidad Androide
(Android Humanity)


Feeling a bit camera shy


E-Legal, born and raised in Guatemala, Land of the Quetzal, Mayan Empires and many Historical achievements also Darkened land by a civil war that lasted 35 years arrived in the United States in 1995 at the age of 16, since his native Guatemala music always Had a strong influence on him, in the middle of the eighties still being a little kid when Hip Hop from the Old School was in its heavy stages in the United States especially in N.Y. and L.A. E-Legal was already freestyling rhymes in the back of his school with two of his best friends. Due to life circumstances and other reasons E-Legal stopped rhyming and writing songs right after he completed his elementary studies in that school and moved to another one

Years went by and he kept growing up, after a wile he was more inclined with the listening crowd rather than the performing crowd, his favorite artist since a little kid were Groups like Public Enemy, Cipress Hill, Kid Frost and in the middle of the nineties before he came to the United States, the legendary Tupac Shakur Among others.

Far away from his country everything changed, exactly a year after arriving to the united states the call from his Family and His Native Land made him go back to Guatemala, he stayed there for seven months and then came back to the North part of the American Continent for the second time in 1997, to the place where once again he will meet with the art of writing and rhyming but not before going thru all kind of trials and tribulations.

When he came back to the united states the second time he started writing, mostly poems about different things that he saw or experience at that particular time of his life but it wasn’t until after a few years later when a friend at his work took him to his recording studio that he started rhyming and writing songs again.

After a few times of going to his friend's studio and recording with him an improvised song, E-Legal went on a mission of writing more songs, this time grown up and with a different mentality after seeing and finding out about many things that happen around us and affect our lives

E-Legal sees Hip Hop not only as a form of music but also as a way of thinking, expression and freedom of speech.

Currently E-Legal lives in the state of California were he is working in a music project with other Emmces of the Underground.