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"Live review"

Next up was Elegantly Wasted that put on an entertaining hard rock party with an edgy performance that pulled the audience in. The Elegantly Wasted name describes their attitude of being able to play and look good while partying hard with songs such as “Better Off Dead,” “Too Much Too Soon,” and “Circles.” Lenny J, lead vocals, rhythm guitar; joked around and said, “I’m not drunk, I’m elegantly wasted.” In addition to Lenny J, Elegantly Wasted featured Diana Widegren from Girls Got Rhythm, lead guitar, backup vocals; Olly, bass, backup vocals; and Pauly, drums, backup vocals who gave a rocking performance with a good time vibe with everyone grinning, enjoying themselves, and at times everyone singing in unison to the crowd’s delight. A highlight of the night was when Elegantly Wasted performed an incredible catchy song “Do What You Want” which is about finding yourself and being in control of your dynasty, and this is the song that can get them serious airplay. Fireball Johnson’s Carla Betz and Carla Bosnake performed with Elegantly Wasted as guest artists for “Stepping Stone” which is another great song. - All Access Magazine

"Live review 2"

Elegantly Wasted took the stage with a knock em dead rock slugger entitled “Let It Rain”. It didn’t take a doctrine in music to know right away that Elegantly Wasted has had plenty of experience in the rock and roll arena. The band is well rehearsed and tight. A nicely oiled machine. Shit Yeah!
“Running Low”, off of the bands “Greetings From A Strange Place” CD was next. A fun tune of Hollywood proportions. Broke and stuck in a rut, but an optimistic mother all the way. Some nice hooks and solos stand out.

Elegantly Wasted kept up the frantic pace with “You” and “Circles”. Lenny J. is a ring master of sorts, in charge and feeling like a rock and roll star. Therefore “Circles” takes on an autobiographic aura.

Slow and bad ass leading to a nice buildup was the presentation of “Quicksand”. This song featured some wicked slide work by Lenny and wah wah magic by Diana. It’s funny, but I kept getting a “sinking” feeling during this number.
What had to be my favorite song of the night was “Better Off Dead”. Hit Hit Hit. The chorus is really badass. This song definitely has some early G N R similarities. Come on and take me for a ride.

The band closed their set with a number called “Fly”. A really cool ride with killer lead work by Diana. Ace. - Sugarbuzz Magazine

"CD review"

Damn, this band is not a bloody newcomer, and i haven´t heard of them before. Okay, this mistake is eliminated now, and I discovered the Album “Greetings from a strange Place” for me. Really a must have I tell you.
The band around Singer/Guitar-Player Lenny J. is the real deal. They play a kinda high melodic sleazerock and bring a lot of Hooklines direct into your ear.
The band is not such a in your face-Kick Ass, but they have a cool atmosphere and you have a lot to listen in these fine songs. Sure they can rock, too. Check the opener “Circles” or “Running Low”, here they rock with balls. But the Big hits from this band are the calmy songs with Atmosphere like “Quciksand” or “Lost in time”. But without a shadow of a doubt they have a smashhit hidden on this CD. Check out the Monsterballad “Paid my tickets”, this a real great ballad. Man, never such an awesome song in the last 5 Years. Its scarring, how awesome this song sounds. Before I forget, Elegantly Wasted are from the “City of Angels” and they make me hope that we have a lots of talent still there, down in LA.
Don´t forget a cool Rocksong like “Speak your mind” this is real diamond, which you can expect. And for sure the well done cover version, from the T-Rex-classic “20th century Boy”, with a cool Bryan Roxie on Guest vocals.
To cut a long story short, with “Greetings from a strange place”, Elegantly Wasted has given a real killer to the fans of sleaze rock. Everybody who loves this kinda rock, must check out how this band sound.
I am really impressed of what Lenny J, Drummer J.D, Bass-Mann Ronny and the Beauty on the guitar Diana here present to us. If you have some Problems to get this Masterpiece of music, check www.elegantlywasted.net
- Sleaze metal.com (Germany)


Greetings From A Strange Place - 2003
Desolation Row - 2007



Since releasing their debut album "Greetings From A Strange Place" independently in 2003 Elegantly Wasted has toured three times in Europe, 2004, 2005 and spring of 2007, gotten great CD reviews in the US and in Europe and built a strong local following by playing numerous shows around California.

Performing as Elegantly Wasted since 2002, they quickly recorded their debut with the help of independent producer Howard Karp, who has worked with such names as Papa Roach, SR-71, Jimmy Eat World and others. They earned a reputation on the Los Angeles club circuit of always putting on a great show. All members of the band have the same idea of how a rock show should be and gives every performance the same attitude. It doesn't matter if there is fifty or five hundred people in the crowd, we always put on the best show we possibly can, says front man Lenny J.
People deserve to have a great time when they see a show, and we want them to leave excited and wanting more, says Guitarist Queen D.

Elegantly Wasted is continuing to write, record and tour and the brand new second album "DESOLATION ROW" was just released and is a step up to the next level for the band. Gutsy and slightly heavier than the debut, it's got classic riffs, strong hooks and lyrics that reflect topics that everyone can relate to. It's the right time take on the world, so keep your eyes and ears open, this band is on a mission!