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Elegant Monsters


Civilization turned creature feature.


For those needing a bio, here>>>>>>>> Here Lies "The Bio" R.I.P. 19??-2008 it is said that "the Bio" was an extended paragraph of information that was once used to describe a little bit about someone, before it was run into dirt-filled pile of obscurity by more interesting things like Wrestling, In Touch Magazine, and Kim Kardashian. some say the Bio was an easy way to inject favorable opinion and fancy wordplay about the subject, in order to make said subject seem more interesting than they probably are/were (i.e. using a phrase like "_________ play with the intensity of a thousand semen-filled bulls, unleashed on the night" or "_________ formed in the fall of '97 and the music industry hasn't ever been the same since"). Most Bios were useful back when radio stations still mattered in breaking an artist, where the DJ would pull up the current Bio on an artist that would be dropping by the station for an interview, just to learn something about them to talk about on the air. (i.e. when a DJ says to an artist in an on-air interview "so Butch Walker... tell us how you got that band name" or "so your from Atlanta... tell us a little bit about that..."). the Bio died a sudden death with the advent of Wikipedia, a website that basically will tell your life story, no matter what you fabricate in a Bio to impress people. R.I.P. to "The Bio" and it will be remembered as a pioneer to many on the information filled highway of the entertainment world. --------- written by Butch Walker



Written By: Spencer Ezell

Do The Screams Fill Your Head
Of What All That Could Have Been
So Distant You Are From Me
I Wished The Best For Us
And You Stood Firm In Your Disgust
I Thought I'd Seen The Last Of You


So What Makes You Think
That I'd Forget
The Years Of Torment
You Know I Had Enough Of It
And All That You See
You'll Never Be
Yet You Come Closer
And You've Become A Stalker
Of A Past That's Incomplete

Does It Hurt To Sleep Alone
When The One Who Loved You Is Gone
Pride Will Never Keep You Warm
This Is The Last Time I'll Scream
Get Away From Me
I Thought This Tragedy Was Through

New York

Written By: Spencer Ezell

I Can See
Distress Deep Within Your Eyes
It's So Hard To Go Back Home Without Me
This Road Is Cold
A Fourteen Hour Drive On Ice
And Your Tears Aren't Making This Easier


What I Need Right Now
Is To Feel Your Strength In Me
I Need A Reason Not To Scream


What I'm Wanting You To Know
Is Something I'll Never Get To Show You
It's A Love I Never Knew
And It Came The First Moment That I Saw You
You Make It Really Hard To Drive Home To
New York

The Phone Rang
And My Anger Filled The Room
I Saw Your Shaking In The Corner
I'm Sorry
It Has To Be This Way
She Loves To Rip My Heart Away
And She Gets A High When She Knows
I'm In Such Pain


Written By: Spencer Ezell

A Love So Red
And You Have Become Colorblind
For The Last Time
And This Plague Instead
The Roots Of Infinite Denial
A Guarantee That I Will Break Away
From These Chains


'Cause You Know
That I Have Lived Too Kind
And Now It's Time You Find
A New Victim
'Cause I'm So Gone
And Never Is Too Soon
To Catch A Glimpse Of You
And My Victim
You Have Now Become

The Seasons Move
And Irony Becomes Your Blanket
And I Know You Hate It
And A Shattered Past
Is Now The Only Future You Will Ever See
And The Worst Became Of Losing Me
I Broke Away From Those Chains


You Never Gave It A Chance
Or Even A Second Glance
The Only Thought You Conceived
Is Now Your Enemy
And It Comes Around
And It Overcomes You


Life After Tomorrow - 2008

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Set List


Cocaine Boyfriend
Eyes Of Zoie
I Think Of You
Keep Me Here
Life After Tomorrow
My Farewell
New York
Summer Rain
Superstar Baby
The Wedding Song
What You're About
With This Ring


Cigarette Lighter Love Song - Marvelous 3
Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
Highway To Hell - AC/DC
Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
Undone (The Sweater Song) - Weezer