Elegy to the Spanish Republic

Elegy to the Spanish Republic

 Los Angeles, California, USA


Elegy to the Spanish Republic is a band of four: Chris, Peter, Steve, and Tommy. Several years and mutual friendships have brought together a pretty disparate set of tastes, running the gamut from Philip Glass to Prince at his poppiest, that is anchored by our unanimous adoration for Radiohead. Not the most unique choice, but their top-tier musicianship and enormous success in reaching millions with a voice that is distinctly theirs is something we both enjoy and admire greatly. What that ultimately makes us is a rock band at heart, but one that wants its appreciations and many influences to inform and craft a voice with its own resonance and distinction.

Our music is a collective effort that gels with lyrics by front man Chris McGuire to create a sort of sonic interpretation of the social ennui and disillusionment we see around us. Conveying this message and shaping our sound is no small challenge when the goal is to reach as broad an audience as possible. To climb that hurdle has demanded of us passion, hours and hours of practice and patience, a creative process that balances free jamming with meticulous nitpicking of even the slightest note, and terrible terrible jokes. Each song has been a part of a long journey, but it’s one that is constantly invigorating. We’ve struggled to create work we are truly proud of, and continue to put forth effort to grow and improve.


Four More EP