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"New Kid on the block"

With 2012 looming its safe to say a star is born,gifted with a voice and unmatched stage presence. - Zim Trends Magazine



• Free Falling (2011)
• Illusion (2011)
• Prometheus (2012)
• Cage (2012)
• Two-Time (2012)



Born in Harare , Zimbabwe where her love for music began. While most accredit previous recording stars as their early musical influence you almost can not be too surprised to Elektra "musical beginning is so untraditional as her namesake" In Zimbabwe, I really did not listen to a lot of [mainstream] music but I had some tapes my grandmother sent me from overseas, " Disney Princesses "she reveals" Snow White Cinderella (add Micheal Jackson,Cher and Madonna ) they are the first voices I heard that made me want to sing ".Elektra soon began writing poetry for To help in her childhood pleasures, she began pairing the soliloquies with melodies and ending with lasting songs she would sing for everybody and every ear available when hone grew older, Sleeping Beauty and Princess Ariel joined such as Brandy ,Destiny's Child & Prince to round off her revered list of great respect.

It was not until Elektra was 16, that she really began taking her pop dreams seriously, but

"When I started my A-levels I am still not quite sure what I wanted to do for the university - so I thought 'Let's Get a side plan - I know I will be a pop star!" she jokes only partly tongue cheek

Elektra enrolled at the prestigious Zimbabwe School of Music and thereby began a three-year learning process in between studying for her A Levels Elektra would sneak the odd long weekend break here and half-term is to go and work with some of the hottest up and coming local dance-pop producers in the Zimbabwe.

"Almost have kept it a secret from everyone at the school in two years' confesses Elektra " Although I think they have have been a little suspicious when I was in different towns on weekends ".

Her live debut was lite of a litmus test for the new-born dance-pop star when she received a call to perform at a wedding after party.

Not long after Elektra's pop apprenticeship continued with the help of well-known Zimbabwean Producer Fab.

Is Elektra 's irresistibly energetic brand cool dance-poptronica guaranteed to win fans in 2012, "the relentless dance track," Free Falling" is one that calls for the dance floor that will carry the shoes across the country, the first single from her upcoming Debut album an extremely clever piece of dance-pop perfection, which will be officially released on 25 July.

" I always wanted my first album to be really optimistic - I wanted intedra it down with slow, boring things or something personal "she mirrors" .

"It's about the moment when you catch someone on a song and have that connection in a club, but you can interpret it how you want" , gives Elektra "It's about having that time together and then it's gone forever" "My goal is to have my name synonymous with good music she encourages when you think of Hot Music Elektra's what I want to come to mind" .

She may be only be new to the industry, but Elektra has been in the wings preparing and refining her art. .Now she's ready to stand in the spotlight .

"It's been years of learning my craft and really developing my sound" she says.

"During this time, my motto has become" Life is not to find yourself it is about creating yourself "and I truly believe that".
Elektra with an unmistakable vocal talents and vibrant beauty to match one can only imagine where the story of this Zimbabwean born Princess will lead to goal determination and tactical execution may just give up sky-high expectations on how these "best yet not hear the "story about a girl named Elektra will be developed.