Elektrik Kezy Mezy

Elektrik Kezy Mezy


Two "funny" guys covering motown with cheap equipment on even cheaper alcohol.


There is quite probably no feeling more intense than pain. Headache, toothache, or earache - the pain must just be heavy enough to become the centre of concentration of the person feeling this pain. Seen from this point of view, it is even more remarkable that no one is able to remember pain after the pain has gone. All that is left is an abstract knowledge of how much it really hurt. Now, it might be easy to describe Munich-based band Elektrik Kezy Mezy as the musical realisation of just this -- especially when it comes to the intensity of their music that builds the basis for the two musicians to break out into an excessive way of playing without ruining the structure of a song. In doing so, they are following their idols from the wild sixties without falling into too much nostalgia.
Elektrik Kezy Mezy provide the hipness of Northern Soul as well as beat-influenced garage rock music without duplicating these two kinds of sounds too obviously. They are not re-inventing the light bulb, but are making it shine brighter than it has for quite a while. And this is the where we come back and make comparisons to the first point, the pain: the effect of the duo when playing live on stage. When the guitarist appears to be like a combination of all the guitar heroes who smoothed the way for him:
sometimes dandy-like like Marc Bolan and sometimes rude like Angus Young, while his voice annihilates itself on the songs, croakily rising over the chords and guitar solos. Songs that are being held together by the drummer thrashing out as if animal, and not kermit, was his hero from the muppet show, and as if this show from his childhood cast out every interest in playing violin.
Those who have seen this band live, may only have an abstract knowledge that they have witnessed a super concert event when they wake up the next day. After seeing them for a second time, they then realise just how fantastic this band actually is.
At this point, despite being elated the first time, they realise they had forgotten the quality of this live experience. Even more of this experience can be heard on the record lying in your hands at this very moment. Elektrik Kezy Mezy consciously use as few overdubs as possible (maybe a second guitar or background vocals, or even a glockenspiel from time to time), but still, this band likes to be raw and full-on rather than sounding polished and mainstream.
And then, they break out with a staccato riff and guitar picking that leave the Rolling Stones behind, crying in their taillights. Elektrik Kezy Mezy are
firing up the train, to full speed, whilst proving themselves to be the driver that no longer has to follow the existing rails. The rails in fact seem to follow them whilst giving an impression of a Nostalgia that has already been broken by Elektrik Kezy Mezyës update of pop traditions that were dead and gone. The music of Elektrik Kezy Mezy is neither made for the past, nor for the future. This music is made for this particular moment - the moment that creates rock and roll: now, and now, and now, and now...


- Elektrik Kezy Mezy "ElektriCity"

Set List

Pretty Girls
The Robot
News About You
Acting in Affection
Strange Woman
How Should I Know
Whatever You Want
To Make You Mine
I'll Be Around
That's What I Do
Take your Medicine
Find Me Another Lover
I´m In The Mood
Nothing I Can Do
When I´m Sad