elektrik prophet

elektrik prophet


elektrik prophet combines computer technology with live vocals and instruments to create a penetrating blend of rock and electronica


Peter Boothroyd uses rock and electronica to ignite the intensity and passion contained in his songs.

“The elektrik part of the name conveys intensity and electronic – the prophet part relates to the prophetic edge and content of the lyrics,” explains Peter.

On stage, you'll see him playing electric guitar. However, he is also a mean keyboard player - whether he's playing his Korg M1 or a virtual synthesizer on his laptop computer or mixing loops. Peter is also proficient at mixing, mastering and other things "elektrik".

“I’m a strange hybrid. Part of me is an artist – that’s the creative, emotional side. But I also love the scientific stuff – fooling around with the settings of a virtual synth, or getting that panning effect on the guitar to sound just right.”

Born in London, England, he spent some time in Belfast, Northern Ireland before emigrating to Canada with his family. Peter's songwriting style and guitar playing reflect his Brit Rock roots - his debut 14-track CD "When The Towers Fall" includes two Phil Collins covers: "Land Of Confusion" and "Another Day In Paradise". The prophetic and symbolic messages found in Peter's compositions remind you of the songs of Irish band U2.

“When The Towers Fall is a musical drama – there are four Acts and each song is a Scene. The CD starts like the beginning of a movie and takes you on a journey through the deep issues of life. It’s kind of like an electronica cross between U2 and Phil Collins.”


Looking For A Place

Written By: Peter Boothroyd

Dark shadows, restless night
Seems like there's no hope in sight
Angry clouds all around
Looking for some solid ground

He's looking for a place in your life
He's looking for a place in your heart
He's looking for a place in your world
He's looking for a place to start

Paradise lost, dead end found
Deep inside a hollow sound
Broken dreams, shifting sand
Looking for the promised land

Lonely stars, silent trees
Falling down on fearful knees
Scary voices, calling graves
Looking for the One who saves

2003 Peter Boothroyd/SOCAN

Bow To The Wind

Written By: Peter Boothroyd

I've tried it on my own
It doesn't seem to work, I get tired
Why do I take control
I turn my back on my ability

As the wheat bends in the wind
So I yield my will to You
As the wheat bows in the wind
I will bow my knee to You
As the wheat bends in the wind
So I yield my will to You
I surrender all and I bow my knee to You

You say Your way is easy
I need to trust You with my life
You say You'll hold my hand
You'll give me life and more abundantly

2003 Peter Boothroyd/SOCAN

When The Towers Fall

Written By: Peter Boothroyd

He makes lots of money
He's got a good job
Can he buy his way out
When his world crashes in?

The high places fall
The idols they cry
The high is made low
The humble made high

When the towers fall
And life crumbles away
Who will bring the hope
To live another day?

He meets with his buddies
They're into new age
Will their pagan celebrations
Bring peace back again?

His faith is in faith
He's told he's a god
Will the words of his mantra
Keep him from living hell?

2003 Peter Boothroyd/SOCAN


A 14-track CD "When The Towers Fall" was released on February 27, 2005 under the Prophetica Records indie label. The CD includes two Phil Collins' covers ("Land Of Confusion" and "Another Day In Paradise"). An electronica single "Looking For A Place" will be released a little later.

Set List

elektrik prophet's set list is typically a blend of original compositions, covers of songs by U2, Phil Collins and Delirious? and trance/electronica. Sets are generally 30 minutes in length. Covers include:

U2 - "Vertigo", Pride (In The Name Of Love)", "With Or Without You" and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

Phil Collins - "Land Of Confusion" and "Another Day In Paradise"

Delirious? - "I'm Not Ashamed". "My Glorious" and "Rain Down"

Matt Redman - "Facedown"