Elektrik Sunset

Elektrik Sunset

 San Francisco, California, USA

An assiduous trio with a potent sound transported by Musicians fervent for music. Progressive, Surf, Punk hybrid of The Kinks, The Minutemen, and Man or Astroman!

We met, we rocked, we recorded, and now we rock some more! Blah Blah Blah..............


An assiduous trio with a potent sound transported by Musicians fervent for music, Joe, Roy & Alex met in the San Francisco, Bay Area looking to combine their musical talents to create powerful music integrated with energy, talent, wit & fun! Best described as a blend of The Kinks, The Minutemen & Man, or Astroman.

When Elektrik Sunset decided it was time to start recording their 3rd album, they knew the songs they’d written needed a strong, frenetic musical energy. This was brought to life with their new drummer Alex & his metal drumming influences, Roy’s driving bass lines, Joe’s melodies & Alex Muscat’s recording skills. Diving further into their Surf Music influences, the band mingled surf instrumentals with their Rock/Punk song blend. The record catches fish, fishing & fishnet themes influenced by a photo taken by Joe of raw, cleaned, bloody anchovies being prepared for a dinner party. “I (Joe) returned from Dallas with a new batch of songs, & we got to work. Alex was an amazing find! After millions of hours of practice in Roys basement & performing live whenever we could, it was time to Record”.

Musically, Fish Dinner Party involved a more frantic approach and expanded their hooks. Retaining their wondrous energy on “All Over The Place,” a lyric driven surf up-tempo anthem with a deep pocket and “Fish Dinner Party,” a minor key, title track which calls for a gathering of friends & family, past & present in a celebration of life. “Hey! Now! Baby!” sprang to life while watching relentless news on the death of Anna Nicole Smith. "Salami Tsunami" is an anxious surf instrumental highlight, which leaves you in the rubble of a wave which just wiped out your world, all in the course of five electric minutes.

In scope, palette, and composition, "Fish Dinner Party" is a more daring and successful leap for a band that knows how to deliver!