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"The Teacher (Slap Me Like A Bitch)"

The Teacher (Slap Me Like A Bitch)


1987, Georges Michael sort son chaud morceau I want your sex. Le clip, jugé trop provoquant à l’époque, est censuré par la critique britannique et interdit de diffusion sur la BBC.

2006, vingt ans après l’opus du chanteur anglais, ELEKTROKISS ose « The Teacher ». Les moeurs ont évolué. Sous ce titre innocent se cache quelques paroles bien épicées : Slap Me Like A Bitch. Les professeurs sont deux Bruxellois : David DENEYER, célèbre DJ qui écume boîtes et scène musicale belges depuis deux décennies, ainsi que Dimitri KISS, compositeur et interprète.
The Teacher est en fait un clin d’oeil sur la société dans laquelle nous vivons, expliquent en choeur les deux audacieux. C’est un regard sur cette société où la permissivité, le sexe et une certaine perversité sont en progression constante.
Ce clin d’oeil musical fait un carton dans l’univers des boîtes branchées en Belgique, au célèbre Versuz à Hasselt notamment. Le rythme sexuel et les basses profondes font vibrer les corps des beaux et des belles dès les premières notes.
ELEKTROKISS tient une bombe planétaire.
Prenez vos précautions avant d’écouter, vous serez vite envoûté !

Alexandre Charlier.

Press release

The Teacher (Slap Me Like A Bitch)


1987, George Michael released a hot single called “I want your sex”. The BBC banned the music video, deeming it too provocative and controversial.
2006, twenty years after the controversial video ELEKTROKISS dares to push the boundaries with “The Teacher”. Times have changed and audiences are now ripe for provocative material.
Beneath the innocent title of “The Teacher” are buried some evocative lines like; Slap me like a bitch. The ELEKTROKISS professors are a Belgian group comprising David “Elektrokid” DENEYER; a famous DJ that has rocked dance stages in Belgium for the last two decades and Dimitri KISS, composer and interpreter.
“The Teacher” is a tongue-in-cheek song between friends about the kind of society we are currently living in. It is a look at how society thrives on permissive sex and on amounts of perversity.
This provocative song is an immense success in all the prominent nightclubs in Belgium, noticeably Versuz in Hasselt. The sexual rhythms and the deep bases evoke an irresistible urge to dance from the first notes.
ELEKTROKISS is a revolution waiting to happen.
Be warned, this track will blow you away!

by Alexandre Charlier.

- Alexandre Charlier.


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Deneyer David (Elektrokid)
produces and remixes for YDR, Dave Lambert, Elektrokiss, Benny Benassi,
Wonderland avenue, Minimalistix, Dj liberty,...
Co-Fondator of the labels: Moyo Records
Co-compositor and co-productor of the club hit “Yeah «,
«The Teacher», «House in Play» and many more

The Beginning.
From early childhood, David loved music. He liked the rhythms, the tunes, the samples …during his adolescences, like a young composer, he spent his time, decomposing melodies, absorbing each note.
A true musician was born.
Very early on, David was attracted to electronic symphonies: specifically techno and dance. With entrepreneurial zeal, he spent his early years gathering all the elements he needed to create his own studio. Once this was achieved, he spent several years mixing disco tunes and perfecting his art. He soon came to be known as Elektrokid.
The Accomplishment.
By the mid 90s Sony Records recognized the potential in Elektrokid and decided to create the label K&S. During a 4-year period, elektrokid compiled and produced many successful tracks. Elektrokid left Sony in 1999 to join Mostiko. The evolution continues.
With Moyo, Elektrokid has taken a fresh start with music. Gone are the big budget manufactured compilations. The emphasis is now on the music; this shift in perception is reflected by the enhanced quality of his work.
He has emerged slowly, but surely, as an accomplished and divers DJ. His style is indefinable as he effortlessly compiles electro,, house and even progressive – electronic music. His music pieces have charmed the amateur genre. Without a doubt, David belongs to the new generation of artists that are inexplicable. You will need to see (or in this case hear) him to fully appreciate the talent that is Elektrokid.