Elemeno P

Elemeno P


Hooky singalong rock songs. Critically acclaimed 4 star albums that have sold platinum and triple platinum in New Zealand. Critically acclaimed amazing live act that has toured extensively. Extremely hardworking fun band.


In 2002 founding members of Elemeno P Dave Gibson and Justyn Pilbrow turned up on the steps of Universal asking for a record deal. The two bright-eyed bushy tailed hopefuls were full of life and beans they were also oblivious to “the rules” their country had laid down in order to make it. They were soon to find out that unless you could pack your entire back-line into a Honda city, had recorded your first EP on Dictaphone or wore your father’s clothes you were a phony. This fresh-faced musical outfit had done none of the above. They had never played a show so had no following; they’d never had to photocopy posters for gigs or played to an empty room. Hell, these guys didn’t even have a bass player or drummer! But where these two young men lacked in brownie points they made up for in drive, dreams and more importantly bloody good songs. Universal records took a chance and unleashed the rock.

Six years, sixty thousand records, a Tui for Best Group, 10 hit singles, and hundreds of gigs later we find the two-piece a four piece, Scotty Pearson took on the drummer role and bass playing duties went to Lani Purkis. After travelling this and many other countries as a team they have formed a bond that could only be described as a family, a family that keeps growing with marriages, babies and the crew that has supported them along the way.

2007 was a huge year for the band. That year alone the band has driven 6000miles through the U.S.A and shared a tour bus through England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with fellow kiwis Steriogram.

“I drove us, the band and Charlie, Lani’s son, from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas and back again. We saw the Grand Canyon, Vegas and discovered my favourite town Williams just off route 66. It was awesome” Scotty Pearson, Drums and driver.
The world tour sent inspiration through the musician’s veins getting them itchy to get back into the studio. So they did. This time through the process the band decided to take more control. Justyn Pilbrow sat in the producer’s seat handing out jobs in the suited areas.

“I was in charge of the technical side of the record, I had collected keyboards on our trip so set them, an old Neve desk and the computer shit up, it was cool that we all had our different jobs and we were all relying on the other to come through with their side of the deal” Pilbrow, Guitarist, Song-writer and Producer.

Scotty and Scotty Construction were given the hammer, Gibbo the tool belt and Lani the paintbrush. Together with their new team of Dan Reimer engineer from their second album Trouble in Paradise, Anna Reilly ,New Zealand’s future of engineering and Nelson, all round good guy, they set about building in the storage room of The Lab studios at the base of Mount Eden. It was a daunting but exciting process for the band but after a month of up’s and down’s the Elemeno P Lab was complete. The band sat back and admired the space that would be home for the next chapter of their story. A quick video was made of the construction of the Elemeno P Lab and is up on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GEfBQzL8Ks

“We went in with only a few bits and pieces for song ideas, we were writing them on the go, it allowed an organic sound and vibe, we wanted to replicate our live sound as much as possible” Dave Gibson, Vocalist, Song-writer.

“We were laying down our instruments all at once, live, I had never done that before! It gave me a real sense of satisfaction, as though I had finally mastered my instrument” Says Purkis, Bass
player and Mum.

Album three, simply called ELEMENO P, has the distinct Elemeno P stamp but naturally draws from the lives they now live and the seasons of change they have seen. If Love and Disrespect was their summer and Trouble in Paradise their winter then this record is fittingly their spring. Recorded under the blossoms of Mount Eden and the guidance of only themselves Elemeno P had nothing to prove and no one to please but themselves. The sound is fresh, the songs are pop and the feel is mature, Elemeno P has grown with their fans while allowing room for the new.

‘we felt on this album we had written and recorded songs that were really true to us as a individuals and a band. Therefore we decided to simply call the album Elemeno P to represent this’ Justyn Pilbrow, Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer.

Sam Gibson who mixed their debut triple platinum record Love and Disrespect was once again been given the mixing job. The release date has been set for May 26th with the first single Baby C’mon having stayed in the airplay charts for SIX MONTHS (since November 07). It was available as a free download, with over 5,000 people taking the time actually download the track. The latest single Take the High Road is currently at Radio and the controversial ‘does this make me feel sick’ video is at TV.

The P’s hit the road in June and July for their first nationwide headline tour in over 2 years, look out for them at a town near y


Fast Times in Tahoe - single
Everyday is a Saturday - single
Verona - single
Urban Getaway - single
1157 - single
You Are - single
One Left Standing - single
SOS - single
ELEMENO P - album
Baby Come On - single
High Road - single
Better Days - single

Set List

a typical set list is an hour long and features all the hits and a few choice album cuts.