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| Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Established on Jan, 2014
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Band You've Never Heard of Band of the Day"

Element 115 from Phoenix, AZ. Holy wow.

First, a little background on our Band You’ve Never Heard of Band of the Day. We Synthesis folks have a SonicBids account, and bands hit us in hopes of us writing about them on our blog or in our magazine. Most of these bands are pretty terrible. Real shitty. Shitty, shitty, shitty. Just plain awful. There are some fairly decent bands too, but most of them are only barely so. It’s mostly stinky poo-poos. But, then there are the bands who are really doing something…er, different…who capture the imagination of we bloggers, and rise from among the soiled ranks and into our hearts. Element 115 is one of those bands, and for God’s sake I hope they take that quote and put it at the top of their damn bio.

You should of course have been listening to Element 115 from the link at the top of the page this whole time. If you’re not, please open another window and do so now.

See? Holy wow!

Here’s the rundown:
1. Classic rock style band with original classic rock songs. About cars and aliens.
2. Band leader “Michael� belts out hair-raising hair-rock howls like woah.
3. Their drummer is an alien being that plays with the band live via interstellar video conferencing.
4. Read that last bit again.
5. In full support of Ron Paul (god bless them).
6. Headset mics.
7. No full songs on their page, just clips (no one rides for free…)
8. Dude’s rocking a Gibson Explorer. LEGIT.
9. Bring their own light and stage show.
10. “the band GUARANTEES a memorable event when they play.�

I’m really honestly confused right now. I am caught between ridiculing this band and genuinely appreciating their cheese factor. Is this infatuation ironic or genuine? I’m not sure! As I’ve been listening to them for an hour straight I imagine I must actually like this band, and God help me. The amount of work that has gone into this band is seriously staggering. It’s just the music is the most mind boggling mix of pop metal and prog-rock, and I bet they have no idea how funny and awesome it is.

I kinda want to join this band. Seriously out of this world.

(What follows is a) non edited AIM conversation between me and Editorial Director James Barone about Element 115.

AIM IM with ElrodBaRONE 1/15/08 4:44 PM

Maurice Spencer:

wanna hear a GREAT SonicBids band?

James Barone:

it’s taking forever to load up. are they really good?

woah is right
I thought they were kidding


I thought thsi must be a rad joke band

that second song starts off with one hell of a YEEEAAAAAHHHHHOOOOWWWW

their ballad is pretty money too

oh man.
what’s it called?

now they’re singingabout “liberty�

they have a song called ‘hot cars.’

Element 115 out of Pheonix

yeah, it’s a song about cars

that was a good one too

I am SERIOUSLY listening to all of their songs

i wanna go drive down there and check them out. you know they play gigs at the hooters in tempe.

oh yeah
and at the hotel

the indian casino.

on teh indian reserve



i’d go see them and end up waking up next to some 54 year old woman in a trailer park.


three days later

with strange,inexplicablr marks all over your body

yeah…with a tattoo that has ‘mother’ spelled wrong on it.

and missing a kidney


hahaha…and a two pack a day cigarette habit.

Element 115, thank you, thank you, thank you

they’re my favorite band on sonic bids so far.

I think me too

oh man. ‘warrior.’

I already wrote a SB blog today, but these guys might need a special addition
if only it wasn’t jsut a 30 second sample

i know. that sucks.

The band GUARANTEES a memorable event when they play.
please get them to play up here.

I am booking them right now
our acceptance letter will be of Pulitzer quality



5:47 PM

(Element) 115 plays live with headset mics and an Explorer

why do they keep getting better?

It’s endless

how old are they?

well, there are a few youngins, like late teens, early 20s
but the man (who) is apparently responsible for the whole thing looks to be mid 40s
greying long hair

hawaiian shirt?

no. no. that would be cheesy.
no, this is a class act sir
I think their alien drummer migh wear a hawiaan shirt (though)

what’s up with the alien drummer?

well, it’s actually a pretty cool idea
they have a drum machine apparently

uh huh

and project images on tv of an alien playing drums
or so I’ve gathered

i think they’re too big for chico. redding maybe.

ooh, the convention center
or maybe Win River casino

I just heard the woaaaah! screech again
someone’s gotta - Spencer from Synthesis Magazine

"Music, Music & More Music"

August 2007 issue

"...As the crowds took in the festival atmosphere Vyktoria and Chase Masterson also performed to the delight of the crowd, but clearly the show was stolen by the intriguing sight and sounds of Element 115. Element 115 is among the most unique classic rock bands of all time. They tore it up with great tunes of the past mixed with new technology, an alien drummer named AL, gifted and talented musicians and true classic rock attitude."
- Vision Arts & Entertainment Magazine

"Element 115 Review"

My big mate Phil asked me to review Element 115s CD and after hearing it I'm very happy to do so. The presentation of the CD and the insert are excellent, always a good attraction. Michael, Jess, Carla and 'Al', a real alien! certainly know their instruments and how to use them. I listened to this album a number of times to get into it more and discovered some neat song writing. I initially thought of the UK band 'YES' but on reflection Element115 are definitely original. Most of the tracks are heavy, which I like, but watch out for the gems; track six 'By the Firelight' is one helluva well written song.

'Lure of the Piper', 'Smoke', 'Dose of Element115' and 'Just a Party 'are my particular favourites.

Vocals are excellent with good harmonies. I can imagine 'Element 115' would be a great live band, well worth seeing! If you just happen to be into UFOs and great music then get this album.

- Brian McMullan of Scotland Band C E IV


2007 single release - Warrior & Flyin' High
available from Element115theBand.com. Listen to all released tracks on the band's website.

2007 Sept. 1 - "Element 115" with
Just A Party
Lure of the Piper
Flyin' High
Seal of Approval
By the Firelight
Hot Cars
S.O.S / People of the Planet Blue
and Smoke

2011 - single - "The Phil Gordon/Jan Brewer Dance"



On the leading edge of technology with their virtual musician, AL, Element 115 is a rock show enjoyed by all generations of music lovers.

Incorporating the best aspects of classic rock, and visual and computer technology of the 21st Century, this act lifts spirits and re-affirms self-empowerment with clearly understood lyrics and harmonies, reminding the listeners of everyones inherent power and capability to improve humanity with their thoughts and daily actions.

Youve never seen anything like an Element 115 show!