Portland, Oregon, USA

Think THE FOO FIGHTERS meets AUDIO SLAVE... Deemed 2009 "MTV2 Emerging Artist" ELEMENT57 is fast becoming an undeniable force in the music industry. A 5-piece modern rock powerhouse, spinning on over 260 radio stations nationwide & featured on The Real World, Road Rules, The City, Cribs & more....


Looking for Portland’s Premiere Modern Rock Band? Element57 Answers the Call

Sept 2009- Element57 named "MTV2 Emerging Artist"- Featured on MTV Rock n Rail series as well as DEW FEST '09

Fall 2009- Element57 "Ripcord" now featured on The Real World/Road Rules Challenge and upcoming episodes of The City, Cribs, Teen Cribs, Bad Girls Club, Parental Control and Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Element57 is the modern rock band PORTLAND, OR has been brewing since their inception in 2004. A 5-piece powerhouse that has been compared to the likes of Velvet Revolver & Audioslave, the band of veteran rockers show they are up to the task on their sophomore release, Ripcord. While one can immediately tell that the band’s sound is rooted in early 90’s rock, the songwriting, production and arrangements are clearly living in the here and now. Think Foo Fighters meet Peter Gabriel…on steroids! Recorded with long time Portland engineer/producer Sean Norton, Ripcord is one of those rare records filled with the perfect amount of duality. On the one hand, it is chalked full of modern rock radio-ready songs like “20 Minutes,” and “Weather” and on the other, it maintains a darker, emotive demeanor. From the ever-climbing title track, “Ripcord” to the driving pulse of “Lifeline,” the band overflows with energy and still meticulously attends to melody and form. Guitar and saxophone rise and fall over a waterfall of sound and a pounding groove. All of this is led by Chris Galyon’s incredibly dynamic vocals, which somehow simultaneously conjure up both Peter Gabriel and Chris Cornell. “We wanted to make a record that reflected exactly where we’ve come as a band without thinking about it too much,” says Galyon.“ So we walked in and let it loose. I think it really worked for us.”
Winning the 2006 Independent Music Award– BEST ROCK SONG (“Woke Up Late”-Radiate), Element57 hoped for even more industry accolade with Ripcord...and they seem to be getting it. All forms of radio have been quick to respond. Portland radio stations KUFO 101.1FM and 94.7FM KNRK as well as over 250 college, FM and public radio stations around the nation have added the songs “Ripcord”, Weather” and “20 Minutes” to their play lists (more radio play info. on reverse side). In the fall 2009, MTV/VH1 & The E–Channel have licensed the new album for: The Real World, Road Rules, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bad Girls Club, The City, Cribs, Teen Cribs, Parental Control and more! In August E57 named “MTV2 Emerging Artist”…landing the band two live music videos and an interview broadcast on MTV2, NBC Sports, MTV2.com and Comcast On Demand. MTV2 chose the band to represent the Portland Music scene during the Dew Tour 2009 broadcasting live performances and interviews to the nation…all on the strength of Ripcord.
Element57 was born out of the ashes of nationally acclaimed DIY band- 4th Plane Jaiant, who built a 7 year legacy with two albums, Tideline (1998) and Bipolar (2001), college radio play and an incessant touring schedule. In 2004, founding members Chris Galyon, Andy Kallenberger & Jason Wilbur changed musical direction from a DMB inspired progressive Jam Band to the riff heavy, groove oriented Modern Rock E57 is today. Picking up Joe Gardner (Melody Guy) & Justin DeFreece (Hank Williams Jr.2) along the way completed the line-up to carry out the musical vision. Learn more at sonicbids.com/element57 & myspace.com/element57



KUFO Portland, OR, KNRK Portland, OR, CILU Ontario, CSCR Ontario, KALA Davenport, IA, KAMP Tucson, AZ, KANM College Station, TX, KAOS Olympia, WA, KBSU Boise, ID, KCAC East Camden, AR, KCOU Columbia, MO, KCRH Hayward, CA, KCSS Turlock, CA, KCWU Ellensberg, WA, KDHX St. Louis, MO, KDIC Grinnell, IA, KDUP Portland, OR, KDVS Davis, CA, KDWG Dillon, MT, KEOL La Grande, OR, KEPC Colorado Springs, CO, KEUL Girdwood, AK, KFAI Minneapolis, MN, KGAR Lemoore, CA, KGNU Boulder, CO, KGUR San Luis Obispo, CA, KJACK Flagstaff, AZ, KKCR Hanalei, HI, KKSM San Marcos, CA, KLC Portland, OR, KLCR Dubuque, IA, KLPI Ruston, LA, KLSU Baton Rouge, LA, KMHC Gresham, OR, KMNR Rolla, MO, KMSA Grand Junction, CO, KMSC Moorhead, MN, KMSU Mankato, MN, KNWD Natchitoches, LA, KOTO Telluride, CO, KPSU Portland, OR, KPUR Forest Grove, OR, KRCX Denver, CO, KRSC Claremore, OK, KRUI Iowa City, IA, KSAU Nacogdoches, TX, KSCL Shreveport, LA, KSCU Santa Clara, CA, KSHU Huntsville, TX, KSJD Mancos, CO, KSLU St. Louis, MO, KSPU Seattle, WA, KSSU Sacramento, CA, KSTM Indianola, IA, KSUB Seattle, WA, KSYM San Antonio, TX, KTCU Fort Worth, TX, KTRM Kirksville, MO, KTSQ San Marcos, TX, KUIW San Antonio, TX, KUMM Morris, MN, KURE Ames, IA, KUWS Superior, WI, KWAR Waverly, IA, KWCR Ogden, UT, KWCW Walla Walla, WA, KWUR St. Louis, MO, KWVA Eugene, OR, KXZY Stillwater, OK, KZMU Moab, UT, Lasell, Newton, MA, M3 Radio New York, NY, Montco Blue Bell, PA, NV



Written By: Chris Galyon

She said I’m rusty but feel the same
She said I’ll hold out to win the game
No matter how high
No matter how low
I’ve got a tight grip
On the ripcord

Run, run, run, run
You’re so intoxicating
Run, run, run, run

Get a ride dark or bright
I decide the alibi
No matter how high
No matter how low
I’ve got a tight grip
On the ripcord

Run, run, run, run
You’re so intoxicating
Run, run, run
No matter how high
No matter how low


1998- TIDELINE LP (Received airplay on over 70 stations on the west coast charting in 14 top 10's with "Queen for a day" & "Parachute".

2001- BIPOLAR LP (West Coast airplay and now distributed to 75 streaming/download digital music sites)

2004- RADIATE EP (Released to rave reviews and accolade)

2008- RIPCORD Just released. Currently spinning on 190 radio stations across the country and counting.

Set List

We can fill approx. 4-5 hours of music with both originals and covers. Set length can vary to whatever is appropriate for the gig/show/event.

1. Making Waves
2. Less Than Zero
3. Say Something
4. Another day in paradise
5. Sacrifice
6. 20 minutes
7. Ripcord
8. Weather
9. Spinning
10. Strong Side Out
11. Lifeline
12. Today
13. Brush it off
14. Heavier
15. Shallow
16. Gracefully
17. Woke Up Late
18. All Remaining Pieces
19. Too Close
20. Speak So Loud
21. Swept Away
22. Freedom
23. Let it breathe
24. Idiot
25. Everything In Between
26. As as I will go
27. Kerosene Angel
28. Sure to Come
29. Pacify
30. Leave
31. Longer Way To Run
32. Chameleon
33. Queen For a Day

34. Message in a bottle- Police
35. Synchronicity 2- Police
36. Little Wing- Hendrix
37. Purple haze- Hendrix
38. Watchtower- Dylan
39. Love Song- The Cure
40. Kashmir- Zepplin
41. Round here- Counting Crows
42. Sunday Bloody Sunday- U2
43. I shot the sheriff- M